Being Kinder to Our Planet

How much waste is too much?

We as humans create a lot of waste, and most of the time we don’t think about it. We just throw things in the trash and put it on the curb and magically it disappears. However, it doesn’t just disappear. Some of it will end up in a landfill for anywhere from a few years to thousands of years. Being a biology major, I had to learn a lot about the effects of this and how long these things are really taking to breakdown, if they are at all.

We aren’t going to discuss anymore trash today but instead ways to reduce it, specifically as a woman.  Think about your morning/night routines and the products you use. Most of it is in plastic bottles or single use items like face wipes or q-tips. Also, once a month our BEST friend comes to visit and depending on your flow and length you can use 5 to over 50 menstrual products in one cycle, all of those with individual plastic packaging.

I’d like to say that plastic is the enemy, and in some ways it 100% is, but in most cases it’s just the amount of waste that accumulates over your entire life, but don’t worry, it’s not to late to make some small changes that will make big differences!


Shower Essentials

            The biggest change is getting rid of plastic bottles, and there are a few options to change this. Not all these options will work for everyone and that’s fine, but it doesn’t hurt to try. The first is changing to soap bars. You can get shampoo/conditioner/facewash/lotion and most of your daily products in a bar. A bonus is most of these have more natural ingredients, making them healthy for you and the planet! Keep in mind not all these products lather as much as soaps with added chemicals but THAT'S FINE, and I promise you’re still getting just as clean. Specifically, with the shampoo and conditioner some people don’t like the bars so I’m going to give you another option. There are a few companies that will send you liquid products in metal containers instead! All you do is let them know when you’re low and they’ll send you new ones and you send the old ones back!  

Cotton Pads and Face Wipes

            Another thing that builds a large amount of waste are makeup wipes and cotton pads. If you wear make-up or just use makeup remover wipes for toners and other products you can still be using 2 or more a day, every day. Bear with me when I tell you this simple swap… ecofriendly nursing pads. You can order them on Amazon, they’re large, enough to use half in the morning and half at night and when you're done you just throw them in the washing bag and put them in with your laundry. If you feel weird about the nursing pads there are plenty of reusable cotton pad options with the same concept, these specific pads just have great reviews and I personally think they’re great.



            For menstruation there are many new options that are being well advertised. The biggest right now it probably the menstrual cup. It’s less maintenance throughout the day, with less health risks. You just buy one every couple of years if you care for it right. Not only are you saving the environment but TONS of money every month. There is now also a disk with the same concept but different shape and slightly higher placement. A new but lesser-known and tested option is menstrual underwear or pants. I’ve done some research and watched many videos and from what I can see, for a regular flow, these are great and all you do is put them on.


Other Small Swaps

            Another thing used daily is deodorant. There are two options to make this more ecofriendly. The first is deodorant in biodegradable packaging, and the second is deodorant in a glass jar. For q-tips you can buy reusable or biodegradable ones as well. Toothbrushes are also a big source of plastic waste, try bamboo ones instead. You can also get bamboo or biodegradable hair brushes. There are also a few makeup brands that make all their products out of bamboo or in reusable containers.

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