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As the warm weather creeps in, many of us are itching to get away and bask under the sun. With an end to a hard semester and possibly an arguably even harder year, you might be looking to plan a vacation. When trying to plan to get away, it can be hard to be eco-friendly but it’s not impossible.

First, you need to pick your destination. The closer you can stay to home the better. A staycation doesn’t sound luxurious at first, but it can lead to hidden gems around your local town or city. It is the perfect way to stay close while getting the rejuvenation you need. However, anywhere is good if you can get there any other way besides a plane. If you can avoid using planes you will be minimizing emissions!

Next, you are going to need a place to stay. Staying in accommodations that are located in urban settings will give you access to restaurants, stores, entertainment, etc. all within walking distance. Also, consider accommodations that value stainable living as well. This includes hotels or Airbnb that recycle, are energy efficient, etc. 

And last, be a respectful and environmentally friendly guest! The best way to ensure you are being an eco-friendly traveler is by enforcing those practices and values even while on vacation.

Kayla Campbell

Millersville '21

Senior at Millersville University majoring in Early Childhood and Special Education.
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