Bad Week? Here Are Some Cute Cat Facts!

I know bad weeks are probably happening more often than not these days. Online school doubled with a global pandemic is one horrible combination of bad stuff. So I wanted to share my vast knowledge of completely useless things and make a list of cute cat facts. 

  1. 1. There's a few different ways to refer to a group of cats!

    If you would like to refer to a group of feral cats, you would call it a “destruction of cats”. A group of house cats would be referred to as a “clowder of cats”. That’s way too stinkin’ cute. Clowder? I love it.

  2. 2. Cats can be left or right pawed!

    Studies found that cats have a preferred paw and it is often associated with gender! Male cats will more often be ‘left-pawed’ while females will be ‘right-pawed’. These are the preferred paw they use to reach for treats or take their first step down stairs. Or maybe push a cup off a shelf.

  3. 3. Cats developed a special sound just for us to feed them

    I guess cats realized meowing for what they want wasn’t working all too well so they developed a purr/meow hybrid that mimics the sound of a baby. They did it all for the sake of food. How relatable.

  4. 4. If you think your cat is ignoring you, they are

    fluffy cat

    If you call your cat's voice and they ignore you, it isn't because they don’t know who’s calling them. They just choose to ignore you anyway. A study found that in cases of strangers calling their name and their owner calling their name, they showed clear recognition of their owner and none for the stranger but in both cases they didn’t care to investigate.

  5. 5. Cats can dream!

    I have no fun information on this but don’t you think that's just the cutest thing ever? I wonder what they dream about.


I hope days get better and school gets easier. In the meantime, look up cute cat videos and stay safe out there!