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Andrea Kemp ’12

Name: Andrea Christina Kemp

Age: 22

Hometown: Lancaster, PA

Relationship Status: Single


Major: Anthropology 

Campus activities: Senior Gift Committee and I intern at the Office of Special Events... so I plan special events. And just so everyone knows, in April we are bringing Randi Zuckerberg (former marketing director for Facebook) to campus to speak about innovation, entrepreneurship, and business! So look for that next semester!

Hobbies: I'm an Anthropologist, so people are my favorite thing! I love traveling whenever I can and would love to visit every country in Africa! I love Africa, by the way... I love writing, playing piano, learning, cooking... and I love to volunteer. I think volunteering and serving others is the most fulfilling hobby a person can ever have! Also, creating/completing my bucket list! 

Favorite class she’s taken at Millersville: History of Anthropological Theory... which probably sounds really terrible, but it's challenging and more interesting than you'd think! I also loved my African History classes. I can't ever pick favorites, I love everything too much!

Her celeb crush: John Krasinski! I imagine him being just like Jim Halpert in real life. 

Something people would be surprised to know: I am adopted but I look JUST like my parents! 

Her ideal date: I firmly believe that it's really not about where you are or what you're doing, but rather who you are with... so I think any date would be my ideal date if I'm in good company! But it would definitely involve: something kind of adventurous, maybe a ride in a hot air balloon? Good conversation, and hopefully food! 

Her guilty pleasure: I buy way too many jeans, the number of jeans I've acquired in the past few years is definitely in the teens... I love a good, comfy pair of jeans!

Favorite restaurant in Lancaster: El Serrano! This would definitely be a part of my ideal date... 

Favorite memory at Millersville: The earthquake maybe? Or that ONE TIME I found a parking spot close to McComsey without having to drive around for twenty minutes... I can honestly say that I have truly enjoyed my time here and all the memories I take with me will always be cherished! 

Her favorite quote: "There are people who realize that their own privilege - the privilege of not witnessing atrocities, the privilege of being heard, or having the resources to survive - is a responsibility to humanity, a responsibility to be shared with others, and responsibility to this world... With every story of injustice, there were always those who refused to stand silent, who made a conscious choice to act, regardless of the consequences, the price, and the impact on one's life." -Zainab Salbi, founder of Women for Women Intl.

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Amber Strazzo


Amber Strazzo was born in Queens, NY, but raised in Lancaster, PA. She is currently a Senior at Millersville University, studying Public Relations and Journalism. Amber is the Vice President of Programs of the Xi Tau chapter of Delta Zeta, and is very active in Greek life on her campus. She's a self-proclaimed social media junkie, and loves shopping, her Nook and catching up episodes of Pretty Little Liars. After college, Amber plans to head south for grad school for student affairs.
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