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Valentina Zamora

Alanna Moore Isn’t Like Other Girls…

Have you ever met Alanna Moore? I had the pleasure of getting to know this boss lady, and she is filled with surprises. It’s no secret that this amazing girl is sweet and fashionable, but there’s more than that to her. She is a hardcore baseball fan and her favorite player is left fielder Rhys Hoskins (who is #17 on the Phillies). I always noticed whenever I would see Alanna is her amazing style and I asked what her secret was. She describes her style as, “It’s like a mood ring!” She says if she feels energetic she would want to wear a pink top, or if she feels chill she will wear a sweater… As a sophomore at Millersville, Alanna majors in public relations, and is a part of Her Campus as well as our social media co-director. 

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Alanna Moore

This being her second year of college (and my first), Alanna talked to me about her experiences as a freshman. She mentioned how when she first started, she wasn’t worried at all, but as time went on… she started to get scared. Alanna wanted to make more friends and get involved. She then stepped out of her comfort zone and started to grow. Some advice she told me that she wishes she could tell her younger self was to stop trying so hard to fit in. Once she got to college, she felt like she could finally do what she wanted. And what does she want to do? In the future, Alanna wants to manage a company for social media. She wants to be an independent boss lady and be the best she can be. I personally cannot wait to see what amazing things Alanna Moore will accomplish in her life, and I am so glad you know a little more about this amazing woman.

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HCXO, Valentina

Hey everyone! My name is Valentina and I am a Junior at Millersville University! While I’m a Media Arts Production major, I also have a passion for fashion and nerd culture. I am a proud Latina who is always ready to try new things and isn’t afraid to take on life. Follow me into the unknown that is college, dating, and more! I hope my work inspires you as you read <3
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