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Adventure Can Wait

During the time of the COVID-19 Pandemic, travel essentially is nonexistent. With stay at home orders being lifted in May (in Pennsylvania), my worries are that more people will begin to travel. As much as I would love to travel this summer, I cannot. Not only because of my fear of the virus, but because most travel is expensive and I have summer classes to pay for and rent due. Nevertheless, there are a couple of spots that I have on my to-do list of places to visit. These are m top ten places I want to travel to in the US, even if I have to wait. 

  1. 1. Georgia

    I don't mean the country. The state Georiga is home to a lot of beautiful things. My top destination is Atlanta because it looks like a beautiful city with a lot to do. Savannah would be next on the Georgia list because it has a lot of historic routes and feels like a true southern town. Georgia has a lot of beautiful nature as a well as bustling cities which is what I think makes it so great. 

  2. 2. Asheville, NC

    Asheville is home to the Biltmore Estate. Besides having this beautiful piece of history and land, Asheville is a growing city surrounded by beautiful mountains. Having lived 20 minutes from the Blue Ridge Parkway, mountains and scenic overlooks especially are my cup of tea. I planned a trip to go glamping around Asheville this summer, but for obvious reasons that trip was canceled. Stil, it is one place I am determined on visiting.

  3. 3. New York City, New York

    Thanks to College Fashion Week, I went to New York for the first time ever. Brooklyn was really cool and I loved exploring it with my gal pals. Still, I have never seen the most iconic pieces of New York City. I'm talking Times Square, Central Park, Statue of Liberty and all the other staples of the city. My parents unironically went to New York city three times last semester and failed to take me once. One day I will get my chance.

  4. 4. Disney World/Land

    Fun Fact, I have never been to Disney. I think it is super cool that they have different worlds like Animal Kingdom and that place from Avatar. Also I just learned that Universal is not part of Disney like two months there is that. My Disney World experience lives through what I read on the internet and what my former roommate told me. I would love to experience like only three days of it.  

  5. 5. Maine

    Something about the Northeastern part of the US draws me to it. Maybe it is the distant calling of cold waters and rocky beaches. I honestly don't know what it is. One thing I have always wanted to do was go fishing in Maine. I have a sticker on my door that says #FISHME and it took me a long time to realize ME meant Maine. 

  6. 6. Alaska

    "Snow Buddies" and "Snow Dogs" convinced me that I could live in Alaska and thrive. I love winter and love the snow. My family almost adopted a Husky because I really wanted a sled dog. I even followed the Iditarod race for a few years. Regardless, this is a place my dad always dreamed of going to. Bob Ross suggested that if you ever get the change to go to Alaska you should, and I believe him.

  7. 7. Denver, Colorado

    Denver seems like a pretty cool place to go to. From what I have seen on "House Hunters," it looks like a very active yet artsy place to be. I also again love snow and I would love to be in the Midwest in winter. I think it would be a really interesting place to be during the whole year.

  8. 8. Poconos, Pennsylvania

    Unsurprisingly, I have never been camping. Like real tent and dirt camping. It is something that I have always wanted to do and still do. I would love to spend a weekend camping in the Pocono Mountains. I love trees and nature and mountains. It would be really fun to hike around and find cool things. I would love that as a tech free retreat.

  9. 9. Gettysburg, Pennylvania

    This one doesn't really count becuase I have actually been to Gettysburg three times already. I love it though. Gettysburg has an amazing history everywhere you look. On the battlefields there are miles and miles to see. You can take guided tours or go on your own. Part of my love for visiting historical sites besides proving what I know, is that I can stand where people stood a hundred or more years ago. Part of me always takes a moment to stop and reflect when I am on top of Little Round Top overlooking the fields because I know the significance of that spot. I love Gettysbug and visiting it because it means a lot to me as a history buff.

  10. 10. BONUS: Reykavik, Iceland

    Yes this obviously is not in the United States, but Reykavik is my top destination in the entire world. Not only do I love the idea of touring Iceland, but I love the Nordic states (countries) so much that I found a special website that only does Nordic cruises/tours. I am planning on convincing my future husband that this is where we have to take our honeymoon. The Nordic states are beautiful is so many aspects. They have beautiful landscapes and cities and amazing culture. I read an Icelandic mystery series this past summer and the way the author described Iceland made me fall in love with it. So I've decided I'm going.

Though  I can't travel now and my adventure is put on hold, I can still look at pictures and plan my vacations. One day I will get to go to the places I dream of. Slowly but surely, I'll do it.

Feel free to leave me any comments here on what your favorite travel spots in the US are!