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A New Direction: Changing My Major My Junior Year

I was terrified when I first contemplated changing my major. I had already changed it once before and I felt myself hating the fact that I didn’t know what I wanted. Why didn’t I know…? Shouldn’t I know…? Bottom line is I was scared and ashamed – which is totally crazy now that I look back on it.

I spoke to multiple professors and did my research. I couldn’t stop thinking about teaching, about kids learning, about inviting kindness, love of learning, and creativity. I was watching countless youtube videos by elementary school teachers talking about their classrooms, their day-to-day, everything. I was so hooked.

I came into college as a Secondary English Education major and quickly realized I did not want to teach older kids…I was turned down some wrong paths, pushed aside at times, and given some no-so-great advice. That led me to getting rid of education altogether and resort to only english. Don’t get my wrong I love english so much but there was something missing – FUN! I have been drowning in all my classes, doing so much work for no reason. Being stressed and upset and uninterested. I knew I needed to explore this subconscious calling to elementary school.

I was allowed to visit an elementary school [my friend’s mom is a 1st grade teacher] and I was able to sit in on her class all day. That is when everything solidified. It clicked for me. I was scared but I was sure. I had not felt so happy and excited about something in over a year and a half.

I will have to stay a year – a year and a half longer than I should. That is scary all in itself. However, doing something you’ll love is so worth it. I submitting my major change form last week, I turned my english writing studies major into my minor and I am so excited. The journey begins!

My advice for anyone who is unsure, questioning, scared, or otherwise – sometimes it takes getting lost [sometimes a lot] to find find your place of belonging. Don’t stop trying to find what makes your soul shine because it is so so so worth it in the end.

Thanks for listening in! Follow your dreams and stay crazy y’all – until next time:


Maddie Rose <3

Maddie Engleman

Millersville '23

Hello! I'm Maddie Engleman; A little bit about me, I am a junior at Millersville University - I am an Early Childhood Education major with a Writing Studies Minor. I absolutely love kids, writing, reading, and cooking/baking. I also enjoy spending time around animals! I am really excited to be apart of such an empowering platform and to go out of my comfort zone writing pieces other than poetry. Stay Crazy :) "I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book" - J.K. Rowling
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