9 Songs and Covers that You Seriously Need to Listen to

We all have different tastes in music, and we all have our favorite songs. There are some songs, though, that we never hear and therefore don’t know just how amazing they are. Here are a bunch of songs from different genres that are absolutely amazing, and if you haven’t heard them, then you should go listen to them, like, now.

1. "This is Gospel (Piano Version)" - Panic! at the Disco

You can totally go ahead and listen to the original version too, of course (anything starring Brendan Urie is amazing). I felt the need to highlight the piano version of this song because it’s so beautiful, and shows off some of Brendan Urie’s amazing talent. He has seriously gorgeous vocals in this, and he plays the piano. The video’s a little funky once you get into it, but whether you like the video or not, the song is worth listening to (plus, it’s worth it just for three and a half minutes of Brendan Urie’s face. Just saying.).

Watch the video here.

2. "Havana (Cover)" - Pentatonix

I know that we’ve all heard the original of this awesome song on the radio, but you should also go listen to Pentatonix’s cover of it. They do an awesome job of putting it into their style, and it also shows off their new bass, Matt Sallee.

Watch the video here.

3. "Hallelujah (Cover)" - Pentatonix

While we’re talking about PTX, I feel that it’s necessary to mention Hallelujah. This cover is from a few years ago, but I still listen to it constantly and it gives me chills every time. Every member of this group has stunningly beautiful voices, and if you don’t listen to them already, you’ll be hooked after this video.

Watch the video here.

4. "Down" - Marian Hill

This song is the definition of a chill song. It’s super relaxed all the way through, and it has an awesome beat drop at the chorus that manages to both take you off-guard and keep you relaxed.

Watch the video here.

5. "Salute" - Little Mix

In my opinion, this is one of the best girl power songs ever. Little Mix is a group of four English women who specialize in songs about girl power, and this song comes with a video that shows off their amazing dancing skills along with their vocals. (p.s. If you liked Salut, go check out ‘Power’ by them next - another ultimate girl power song!)

Watch the video here.

6. "Work Song" - Hozier

If you know any of Hozier’s music, you’ll know that both his voice and his words can take you to another dimension. This song has a subtle intensity to it, and every time I hear it, I have to stop what I’m doing just to listen to it.

Watch the video here.

7. "Low" - Todrick Hall feat. RuPaul

Not only will this song become your favorite song to dance to, but you will be SHOCKED by the theatrics in the video. Todrick is a singer, dancer, actor, choreographer...the list goes on and on. Overall, he is a stunning performer (and was recently in Kinky Boots on Broadway!). This song is a part of his album “Straight Outta Oz” which tells the story of his life through The Wizard of Oz. You’ll see amazing makeup, dancing, and theatrics in this video, as well as hearing amazing vocals.

Watch the video here.

8. "Bloodstream" - Ed Sheeran & Rudimental

A remix of Ed Sheeran’s “Bloodstream,” this version kicks up the intensity of the original. It showcases Ed’s stunning vocals throughout, and the bridge has a build-up so strong you’ll feel it in your soul. There isn't a music video for it, but you'll enjoy it nonetheless.

Listen to the song here.

9. "Rise (Cover)" - Superfruit, Brian Justin Crum, Mario Jose, & Mary Lambert

This cover of Katy Perry’s “Rise” is done by a mix of talented singers, and is turned into a chillingly beautiful song that inspires listeners. Each singer has insane skills and stunning ranges, and you’ll find yourself hooked on this as soon as you hear it.

Watch the video here.

There are so many amazing songs and artists out there who need to be heard by more people, so keep in mind that no one is ever opposed to hearing new music! Always recommend your favorite artists to your friends, and remember that music is something everyone enjoys.

HCXO, Lola

All images courtesy of Google Images.