8 Things Every Mean Girl Fan Needs

So you know all the words to Mean Girls and wear pink every Wednesday. It’s safe to assume you’re a super fan. But if you want to be a mega fan, there are some Mean Girl things you have got to get your hands on asap! I scoured the internet for these perfect items that show just how much you love Mean Girls. So here are 8 must have items for any loyal Mean Girls fan.

Colourpop’s Ooh La La eyeshadow palette

This AMAZING palette was just released on October 3rd and I’m obsessed already. Colourpop is one of my most favorite brands. They have amazing makeup at such an affordable price! Check out the palette here and the rest of the Mean Girls collection here.

Storybook Cosmetics x Mean Girls Burn Book Storybook Palette

Another beautiful Mean Girls palette?? Pinch me, I must be dreaming! This palette mimics the famous Burn Book but has much nicer things inside. My favorite shade is either  “cool mom” or “you can’t sit with us”. What’s yours? Check it out here!

Mean Girls Makeup Bag

Need a cute bag to hold all your Mean Girl related makeup? The shop LuckyGirlHairTies on Etsy has the perfect ones! These are perfect for on the go or keeping your most used makeup all together. Want one? Here ya go!

“You Can’t Sit With Us” Hocus Pocus shirt

This iconic combination of our favorite Halloween classic and Mean Girls has us head over heels! Grab this adorable shirt here and rock it this fall!

“On Wednesdays, We Smash the Patriarchy” shirt

What isn’t to love about this empowering twist on the classic Mean Girls phrase? Brb, ordering several of these!  

“That is So Fetch” tshirt

Gretchen Weiners is still trying to make fetch happen, and she’d be over the moon if she saw these shirts! We’re slowly bring fetch into our daily vocabulary and these cute minimalist tees are perfect! Do it for Gretchen. 

Mean Girls pencils

Do your homework in fashion with these adorable pencils! Channel your inner Cady as you take a math quiz and maybe, just maybe, you’ll get an A+. 


Mean Girls Butter Knife 

Need a butter knife for your apartment? This one is perfect! I hope you found this article fun! Maybe you found some future Christmas presents for your girl gang (hint hint). ;) Enjoy the rest of Mean Girls week and stay grool! :) 

HCXO, Hannah