8 Albums with the Best Lyrics

Speak Now - Taylor Swift

Probably the best lyricist in the pop world today, Taylor Swift’s Speak Now was a masterpiece. The songs on the album perfectly capture every emotion that comes with love - romance, lust, heartbreak, betrayal, the need to get revenge, regret, and success. My heart and stomach will forever jump when belting the rollercoaster of emotions that “Dear John”, “Mine”, and “Last Kiss” take me on.


My Aim is True - Elvis Costello

If you haven’t heard this classic, lyrical, working man's album, do it now. Elvis Costello is and always will be one of the greatest of all time. Some of the best on the album are “Alison”, “Welcome to the Working Week”, and “Less Than Zero.”


Rumors - Fleetwood Mac

A damn. Classic. Something about a Fleetwood Mac’s songs takes me back to winters as a little kid, and I come close to tears everytime. “Landslide” is the obvious home run here, but “Dreams”, “Go Your Own Way” and “The Chain” are just as genius.


Red - Taylor Swift

Another one from Swifie, Red was another huge lyrical achievement for the pop star. Her billboard hits off the album were great, but it’s the songs that never made it on the charts that have my heart. “All Too Well” hold my favorite lyrics of all time. “Treacherous”, “State of Grace”, “I Almost Do” and “The Last Time” are all beautifully woven together with songs.


Infinity on High - Fall Out Boy

The middle school classic. Fall Out Boy has been hitting us with emo-rock lyrics that make us jump and down for years now, but Infinity on High was, in my opinion, their best work.


Brand New Eyes - Paramore

PS - this was the first album I ever bought on iTunes. Paramore is known for their edgy, pop-punk vibe, but the genius of their lyrics often get overlooked. While I think they had some amazing songs on other albums, Brand New Eyes seems to me to be their best lyrical work.


25 - Adele

A queen, Adele has had our hearts and souls in the palm of her hand since her first hit “Chasing Pavements.” She writes and sings like no one else, and is truly a once in a lifetime wonder on her own. 25 is an eclectic and wonderfully written album, chronicling her life between age 21 and 25.


A Night at the Opera - Queen

This one doesn’t need that much of an explanation. With the release of the new movie Bohemian Rhapsody, I’ve found myself obsessed with this sensational rock band even more than I was. A Night at the Opera is an amazing work.