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7 Times We Were Jess From New Girl

New Girl is arguably one of the best television shows to ever air. It’s been awhile since the show ended, and let’s be real- I miss it every day. The quirky characters, the silly situations they get themselves into, and the hints of romance just get me every time. So here are 7 times we were Jess from New Girl!

1. When your friends ask you where you want to eat tonight

Mod pizza? Chipotle? Olive Garden? Subway? Taco Bell? Help!

2. When your prof assigns a big project​

Doesn’t your prof know that there’s a million other things due that week? Not another project please!

3. When your roomie has had a tough day

Send a little love your roomie’s way. Give them a good ol’ pep talk and hug it out.

4. When the cutie you’ve been crushing on walks by


5. When your mom sends you a pic of your pet from back home

I’d do anything to have my cat go to college with me!

6. When the dining hall is out of your favorite food and you have no food at your apartment

Why do bad things happen to good people?

7. When the cramps hit

Nothing worse than getting your period completely out of the blue. Ouch!!


And a bonus gif of Schmidt because he’s the best:

HCXO, Hannah

Hannah Newman

Millersville '20

Hannah Newman is a senior at Millersville University, studying Early Childhood Education with an integrative STEM methods minor. She has been writing for Her Campus for over two years, and is loving being the president of such an awesome chapter.
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