7 Times We Were Characters From Stranger Things

Granted, we don’t have Demogorgon chasing us throughout the town and we don’t have an alternate universe like the Upside Down (that we know of). But here are a few times we were all characters from the hit Netflix original Stranger Things.

1. When your alarm doesn’t go off and you oversleep

Gotta run to class!!

2. When your class is across campus


Time to grab your water bottle and walking stick and hike to class.

3. When there’s a sale at the grocery store

Do I really need 10 boxes of frozen tater tots? They’re on sale so I HAVE to get them... right?

4. When your friend starts talking about getting back together with her lame ex

Come on girl, we both know you deserve better.

5. When your favorite song comes on in the dining hall

Gotta keep it lowkey but you can’t help but bop.

6. When your prof announces a last-minute project/quiz

Oh come on, we’re already swamped with work!! Please don’t give us more stress!!

7. When you see your gals for the first time in a while

We’re all so busy so hanging out may be a rare occasion but when it happens, it’s so great.

Have a fantastic and hopefully not too strange week!

HCXO, Hannah


All gifs courtesy of giphy.com