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6 Fashion Faux Pas

In the final days of fashion week, we’ve seen some amazing shows from Marc Jacobs to Versace. They’ve all had great pieces. But I figured to close out the week we would talk about some fashion faux paus.


1. Fashion Hooves

I’m not sure who came up with this but please dear Lord… no. The atrocity of them should speak itself. This gives camel toe a whole new meaning.

2. Ripped Butt Jeans 

Thank you Kylie Jenner for creating this atrocity… I don’t understand why you would want a rip like this in the butt of the jean. I understand you wanna show off you nicely squat sculpted butt, but please… 


3. Too Much Cheetah 

Ah, cheetah. It’s great in boots, it’s great in scarves, but these dresses are way overkill. I like cheetah as much as the next person, but this was taken to the extreme. 

4. Socks With Sandals 


I understand it’s getting cold outside but this one is a definite DON’T. Socks will never go with sandals in my opinion. 


5. Double Buns

I am pretty sure it was Miley’s fault this trend was ruined for me. All I can think about when I see double buns any more is her grinding on Robin Thicke at the VMA’s back in 2013. I am still emotionally and mentally scarred from this experience. 

6. Really Really BAD Hair Extensions

And but certainly not least really bad extensions. This girl obviously has a horribly done sew in extensions set. As a hair stylist this makes my soul hurt. Not only is this bad looking it can also cause hair loss. Please ladies don’t waste your hard earned money, go to a high end salon with someone who has lots of reviews to get your “pat, pat, pat cho weave” on. I feel like this picture is a great fuel for my next article but until then ladies!

Stay beautiful!

XOXO Emilynn 



*All images courtesy of Pinterest, and RubyRuby


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