5 Ways to Organize Your Bookshelves

There’s something about fall that makes me want to read even more than I always do. I don’t know if it is the Rory Gilmore in me, but reading books in a big comfy sweater with a coffee in one hand and a book in the other is the perfect way to spend a short and chilly day! That being said, I also recently redid my room! As I rearranged my tiny, yet ever growing collection of books, I thought of a bunch of different ways someone could organize their own collection to make it more unique, more aesthetically pleasing, and more personal! Here are a few of the tips I came up with in hopes it helps another fall-loving bookworm like me!


  1. 1. Organize by Author

    variety of book stacks

    Are you a huge Stephen King fan but also have a soft spot for some Agatha Christie? If you are a book collector with a huge collection and are big fans of authors that have a lot of books, it might be best to organize your books by author! This way, you can keep all of your King books in one section, your Christie books in another, or whatever other authors you have a special love for! Being that many authors have very different writing styles, this method of organization also allows a person to keep different writing styles in their own area. If you aren’t in the mood for one writing style, all you have to do is just go to another section of your shelves!

  2. 2. Organize by Genre

    assorted books on a library shelf

    This one seems like a no-brainer, but sometimes you have to keep things a little simple! If you organize by genre, it will be easier to find the exact book you are looking for! Want to read a horror novel about a crazy, psychopathic axe murderer to get into the Halloween spirit? Just stroll on over to the horror section of your personal library and your search gets just a little bit quicker! Your books will be way more organized this way instead of just dumping them all on your shelf.

    Organizing by genre is definitely more efficient for people with a bigger book collection. But don’t let that stop you if you are only a tiny collector! If you spread out your genres onto different shelves, space allowing, then you can make your shelves less cluttered while also staying organized. Try adding a few faux plants or little pictures for a personal touch!


  3. 3. Organize by Color

    rainbow colored books on a shelf

    This method may be very impractical for some but it’s still very fun! Organizing your books by color is definitely the most aesthetically pleasing method of this list. You will be sure to blow your friends and family!

    It may be harder to find the right book, but if your books are mostly for display or if you aren’t that big of a reader but still have some books, this method would be the best option. Another bonus is that you get a pretty background for your Insta posts!

  4. 4. Organize Alphabetically

    floating wooden shelves full of books, art prints and other knickknacks

    This method will turn whichever room you put your books in into your own personal bookstore! Most bookstores organize books alphabetically by the author’s last name, which makes it super easy to find books! Using this method will allow you to keep your collection organized while also making it more efficient and easier to store!

  5. 5. Use Floating Bookshelves

    Floating bookshelves are something new I got for my bedroom and I absolutely LOVE them! They look so cool! I love this method of storing my books because it allows me to put together some book collections that I have that didn’t come in a box set! You can also organize your floating bookshelves by genre as well.

    This method of organization is also unique because it allows for more personalization. Being that you have space on top of the top book, you can put little decorations for knick knacks to make everything come together. If the series is well-known and has a huge fanbase behind it, like Twilight, you can even put some merch from the fandom on top of the book! The “Team Edward” candle sitting on top of my copy of the Twilight series really ties the whole shelf together! Check out floating bookshelves here!

Hopefully these tips and tricks help inspire the reader in you to take a day, go through your book collection, whether it be big or small, and reorganize to match you and your personality!

Happy reading!