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5 Things I Learned This Semester

Even though I am only a first semester sophomore, I feel like I have learned a few valuable lessons every single semester. Hopefully you take the time after each semester to think about what you have learned thus far too! I thought I would share a few of mine today, so below are five of the biggest lessons I have learned this semester.

1. Taking 18 credits a semester WILL stress you out

Yes, I know, Im crazy. I thought I could handle it, but boy was i wrong!! Taking 6 classes, with more than half being major classes, was a true mistake on my part. I am constantly drowning in work and I never have time to do much else. If you want to have a life, take my advice and don’t take 18 credits like i did!

2. Making new friends in college is hard, but eventually you will find you BFF’s

I am so thankful for my new best friends I have made this semester. You never know where it will happen so always keep an open mind. I met my new best friends when I was put in a new seat in class, trust me, it can happen in the most random ways. If you’re reading this, love you guys xo

3. Doing homework on a Friday night CAN be fun!

I know what you’re thinking, homework on a Friday night?? There are plenty of better things to do! Hear me out, will you remember that one mall trip you took, or the really great grade you got on a test? Most likely the test! Find a nice spot in the library, create a cozy atmosphere in your room, or find a cute coffee shop to sit down and get some work done! Even better, ask some friends to join ya!

4. Celebrate the little victories too

College can be super overwhelming, I totally understand! But try to celebrate doing well on a paper you worked really hard on or doing well on a test you studied for! Yeah its great to celebrate your final grades of the semester, but try and celebrate the little victories that helped you get there! PS. If you know who that is below, hi ily we need to be friends!!

5. Getting involved on campus will help your semester go by faster

Freshman year I wasn’t too involved on campus, but this year I joined a dance club and Her Campus and they were the best decisions of my life. Being able to go to a dance class or club meeting helps me get involved at school and forget about my homework stress sometimes too. I really recommend that to everyone, PLUS you might make some new friends too!


HCXO, Lexie

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Lexie Sites

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Hi! My name is Lexie Sites and I am a Early Childhood Education major with a STEM minor! HerCampus has allowed me to push my comfort zone, so I hope you enjoy reading my articles! HCXO, Lexie
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