5 Last-Minute Study Tips for Finals!

Were you too wrapped up in other tedious projects or stuck in relaxation mode after Thanksgiving break and forgot to study for your exams? These 10 tips are guaranteed to help you get the most out of last-minute studying.

1. Look over vocabulary terms

Aiming to easily score a decent amount of questions on your exam? A simple way would be to go over vocab terms. You can find these at the end of chapters in your textbook, your notes or even on slides that the prof provides. Once you’ve identified the terms from your study material, take half an hour to an hour to go over them. Remembering vocab for an exam is a sure way to gain all questions involving definitions, and helps you make educated guesses on other ones that are more complex.

2. Re-read chapters

When trying to study quickly the night before the test, always re-read the chapters that are covered. It doesn't take a lot of time, maybe 30 minutes to an hour, and is a great way to skim through a lot of material that will be on the test. Usually, a good percentage of an exam includes information not covered in lecture. You don’t have to miss that when cramming to study, either! Re-reading chapters from the textbook will help reinforce what you already know and add in extra details to keep you sharp.

3. Re-do in-class worksheets

Another tip I have for quick studying is to erase the answers on in class worksheets and rewrite them in, first with no notes. Doing this will help see where you are in terms of what you already know and what you need to study, which cuts out a lot of unnecessary time and utilizes it for better enhancement of your knowledge on a certain topic. If you wrote in pen, you could also retype each question and answer. Typing them out will further help etch each one into your brain. It takes a short amount of time and is very accurate concerning how the prof will phrase the questions on the actual exam.

4. Create flashcards

Writing flashcards seems complicated and like a waste of paper, when, it is very worth it for last minute studying. They are very beneficial because you can customize them any way you like including vocab words or complete phrases, and your own memory tactics that you came up with. Writing it down also reinforces the neurological pathway in your brain that contains important test materials. It only takes about an hour to make them! And once you’re done the battle of studying vs. sleep is more than halfway over. Just study them all for about 30 more mins!

5. Make a study group

Study groups are one of the best ways to study last-minute. It only takes .2 seconds to send a text to a group chat and you’re all set to practice this method. Make sure that they are in your class and have the same material they need to cover as you do. Most likely, your friends are trying to get in as much studying as they can, too so why not help everyone out. Studying with other people can be much faster than studying yourself, and odds are they can help you with any questions you may have. Keep focused and you’ll have an effective study session!


*all images courtesy of google.images