5 Fascinating TedTalks that will Justify Why You’re Procrastinating

Everyone knows it… Ted Talks are AMAZING. You can learn about anything with Ted, and it causes you to come across some things you wouldn’t have otherwise. Here are some great talks that will help you justify your procrastinating studying for finals!


Museum of 4 o’clock in the morning

Ever notice how often pop-culture mentions 4 am? Well, poet Rives did. Join Rives as he takes you through the incredible collection of 4 am references.


A magical search for a coincidence

Magician Helder Guimaraes searches for a coincidence in his own Ted Talk audience… and he finds them.


Your elusive creative genius

Eat, Pray, Love author Elizabeth Gilbert gives a fascinating talk about creativity as a physical, ethereal being that can escape you… if you let it.


Taking imagination seriously

Artist Janet Echelman discovers stunning beauty and fluidity in simple fishnets from fishers in India, and now she builds incredible sculptures for major cities around the world.


The hunt for General Tso

Chinese food isn't Chinese food. Well, not in America. Find out where General Tso actually came from in this fascinating talk from New York Times journalist, Jennifer 8 Lee.


All images courtesy of Google images