The 5 Emotions at the End of the Semester

The last few weeks of the semester is upon us and if you are like me you are drowning in a mass load of assignments/projects and struggling with your many different emotions. This article discusses the common top 5 feelings collegiates feel during this time of the semester. These 5 feelings are Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust and Fear.

The first emotion students feel during this time of the semester is Joy.

This is the feeling you get when you realize you only have a few weeks left of school until you can go to the beach or some other vacation site. The thought and anticipation of this emotion is what keeps you moving and motivated to complete your school works. Without Joy, these upcoming weeks will feel torturously longer than they actually are. If you are lacking this emotion than you need to take a day and relax - take time for yourself. During this day you could: pamper yourself with going to the spa, go to sleep early, watch movies, play games with friends, go for a hike or even go to a greenhouse to smell some flowers. It's okay to not be okay but you need to force yourself to keep going and try to find at least a tiny bit of Joy.


The second emotion students feel during this time of the semester is Sadness.

This is the feeling you get when you realize everything that you need to get completed before the end of the semester aka, the end seems so close but feels so far away. This emotion is extremely common among collegiates and it is perfectly okay. You are allowed to feel sad but do not allow this emotion to take over your life. Remind yourself that there are only a couple more weeks in the semester left (counting this week). You can handle this! In order to get yourself out of this funk try to do things that will bring more Joy into your life. 


The third emotion students feel during this time of the semester is Anger.

If someone says that they have never felt this emotion, during the last few weeks of the semester, then they are lying. Anger can stem from many things. Some aspects of college that might spark Anger inside of you includes: group projects, random assignments that were not originally on the syllabus, roommates, slow walkers when you are trying to get to class and even little things that your classmates do. It's okay to feel this way but you need to know how to control your Anger. Some good techniques in controlling Anger includes breathing techniques, counting to ten, screaming into your pillow and also ranting to your friend. 


The fourth emotion students feel during this time of the school year is Disgust.

Disgust is more than just thinking something is nasty looking. Disgust is also a higher level of feeling annoyed with someone - as in you cannot look at someone without your insides twisting and every inch of you wants to shrink away. Collegiates can easily feel Disgust with other people in school including roommates, classmates and even professors. Disgust can also be felt with the college food. Let's be honest, who isn't excited to finally go home for the summer and eat homemade food instead of food from one of the school places? Lastly, Disgust can be felt toward your workload. My workload is making me feel physically sick but I can coping with it by making to-do lists and prioritizing work. 


The last common emotion that students feel during the end of the semester is Fear.

This is the feeling you get when you realize you are running out of time to get your assignments completed. This is also the feeling many Collegiates are feeling as Graduation approaches. Fear is a perfectly healthy and normal emotion and it is okay to have. The only thing you need to be careful about with Fear is that you cannot allow it to control your day - you cannot allow Fear to keep you from completing your school work or going to class. The end is so close, try to keep it together for a little while longer. Some coping skills to control Fear are: creating a mental safe-place, talk with friends/family, start everyday with a positive thought or do something constructive (like trying to get your work done). Try taking it one assignment at a time - once you complete one assignment cross it off your list, reward yourself and then move onto the next thing on your list. 

You can do this Collegiates! Have faith in yourselves!


*All images courtesy of Pinterest and Giphy