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4 Ways To Show Your Loved Ones That You’re Thinking Of Them

When we go to college, we always have to leave some people behind. Some of us are lucky enough to go to school with our best friends, and some of us wind up completely on our own, hoping to find new people while staying in touch with those that we won’t see as often. With how busy school can be, it isn’t hard to lose touch with those loved ones. Here are a few ways to keep in touch with your old friends and show them that you’re still thinking about them!

1.) Shoot them a quick text.

Whether you’ve got piles of homework or nothing to do, it doesn’t take an overwhelming amount of time to send someone a text. It doesn’t have to be one that starts a whole conversation, either. Simply sending someone a ‘thinking of you!’ or ‘good luck with finals!’ can mean a world of difference to them.

2.) Write them a letter.

While writing a letter isn’t as appetizing because it can be time-consuming or old fashioned, it’s a kind thing to do because it shows people that you’re willing to take that time out of your day in order to do something nice for them. I recently sat down and wrote letters to two of my best friends that I haven’t seen in a while, and seeing how happy they were to receive and read them was extremely rewarding. You never know when a person is in need of some kind words, and a letter is an excellent way to provide them for someone. Not only that, but for some people, simply getting some mail can make their entire day.

3.) Send them something to make them smile.

Sending something to someone doesn’t have to be physical, even though that’s a lovely thing to do as well. If you see a meme or a photo that you think would make that person laugh, it only takes two seconds to send it to them. Not only will it make them laugh or smile, but we all know that it’s a nice feeling to hear someone say, ‘I saw this and it reminded me of you,’ or ‘I saw this and thought you’d like it.”

4.) Keep yourself updated on their life.

It can definitely be hard to keep in touch with someone via real conversations, so make sure to keep up with them via social media or by checking in with them every so often. If you simply see a person’s Facebook status, Snapchat story, or a tweet they sent out, you can realize that they’re going through something. Sending them a message saying ‘good luck with that big essay!’ or ‘have fun with your family this weekend!’ shows them that you’ve been paying attention and that you really care about what’s going on with them.

You can try to keep in touch with your old friends using these ideas, or any of your own! Either way, none of us want to lose contact with loved ones. So go on out there and reach out to someone you’ve been missing!

HCXO, Lola

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Lola Itzhaki

Millersville '19

Lola is currently a senior at Millersville University studying Early Childhood Education and has a love for art, music, plants, and coffee. Writing is something she has always loved, as well as traveling. A major goal of hers is to travel the whole way around the Earth and experience the different cultures across the world.
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