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4 Ways to Kill Spring Break…When You DGAF About It

Ah spring break, the long awaited peak of the college year. For most students it’s the peak of their spring and the kickoff for the downhill trot to the end of the academic year. Yes finals are looming but the memories of parents’ money or tax refund spent on that getaway are certainly worth it when you’re cramming in May wondering ‘where did I go wrong?’ Then there’s my sarcastic self, sitting here shoveling potato chips in my mouth, stumped of what to write. I had forgotten spring break was a thing. Everyone and their mother gets so excited about it and I can’t understand why. Maybe it’s my disdain of the ‘normal’ things college kids do or my lack of personality and need for socialization. But alas, I have been sitting for some time trying to figure out what genius I could concoct this time. As I approach the bottom of my bag, inspiration strikes. ‘4 Ways to Kill Spring Break…When You DGAF About it’ (I like lists, fight me.)

1.    Work

Captain Obvious has arrived with wand of magic buzzkill. Yes, working during Spring Break is a quick and easy way to make the week pass before you return to class. Put those hours in and when everyone else is returning from break and negative bank accounts, you can sleep a little more peacefully when that direct deposit hits the bank. You could probably even find work around your neighborhood if you don’t want to let your job know you’re available, no one blames you for that.

2.    Veg-Out

This is my favorite option. Currently how my ‘spring break’ is being spent. Food, adult beverages since I’m over 21, and my PS4 and youtube every day until ‘spring break’ becomes a blur of ultimate laziness. Some window shopping on Amazon also adds to the level of non-commitment I have in everything relating to spring break. This completes me as I write this while watching Markiplier play ‘Five Nights at F***boys’ as I am FNAF trash of the highest degree.

3.    Sleep

Originality is my specialty, can’t you tell? Sleep is key for a lot of awesome things. Sleep is just awesome. Sleep through spring break. Hibernate. Have good dreams.

4.    Do Nothing

…literally, do nothing. Sit and stare at the walls. Meditate. Empty your mind. Bask in nothingness. Get some friends together and join on in your lack of effort.

Well that’s it. You didn’t expect much out of this right? This is ME writing after. On a serious note, enjoy however you spend spring break whether you’re kicked up on a beach enjoying the heat or huddled up in a blanket burrito marathoning the office for the seventh time crying over why Jim Halpert isn’t your man. There I go projecting again…

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