4 Things You Can Stop Buying Right Now

If there’s one thing I have learned as a broke college student, it’s that I don't need all the things I thought I did to survive. Companies excel at making you think you need things you really don’t. We spend so much money on hair care and beauty products, and the truth is you don’t need most of it. Here are some products you are probably wasting your money on.


Hair Conditioner

Don’t freak yet - hear me out. I figured this out through a happy-accident, and let me tell you, thank GOD it happened. I ran out of conditioner one day and - because sometimes you just have to hold out until payday - I could not afford to go to the store right away to remedy my situation. I did some complaining about it in front of my boyfriend and he said “I haven’t used conditioner in like, 10 years.” Mind you, he has great hair. I decided to see what would happen if I didn't use conditioner for a while, and oh-my-gawd. My hair is softer and stronger then it has ever been! I twirl my hair a lot, so I have a lot of breakage at the ends - I haven't gotten a haircut in months and I have ZERO split ends. My hair used to get greasy if I didn't wash it every day, I now can go a couple days without washing my hair and it feels great. Trust me - take the risk!


Makeup remover

There are a lot of cheaper products that are great alternatives to the expensive makeup removers on the shelves, and you may have some great options lying around your dorm or apartment. Test the waters! Lotions, different oils and good ol’ fashion soaps work really well getting even the toughest makeup off at the end of a long day. My favorite options are coconut oil (my waterproof mascara comes off so easily with it) and Dove Soap.


Laundry Detergent

You do not need to spend money on this anymore! Baking soda (which has probably a billion uses) works just as well washing your clothes. If you really miss the smell, get some scented dryer sheets! You can find really cheap sheets at the dollar store that smell just as good as any name-brand detergent.


Air Fresheners in Cans

Not only are they bad for your lungs, they don’t last as long as candles or wax melts, and are also really bad for the environment. If you are in a dorm or apartment where you can’t have candles, try wax melts. If you can’t have wax melts, try the different wall plugs. If you don’t like any of these because you still have to buy something, try simmering some lemon or vanilla extract on the stove to freshen the air and create a beautiful aroma. Here is a link to some wonderful stovetop air freshener recipes, but you really only need a pot, water and a good smelling spice or extract.