4 Reasons to be Team Scrunchie

No more are the easily hidden black and brown elastic bands, say hello to the biggest...softest...donuts you’ll ever see, scrunchies! These hairbands are back and better than ever, with a variety of colors and textures, you’ll surely never miss these. I myself am an avid scrunchie collector and wear one everyday, no matter the outfit. What’s the big deal you ask? Well let me tell you, scrunchies have many positives besides their style factor. 


  1. 1. Sister snapped, but not really...  

    Scrunchies literally won’t break. I don’t know about you, but when I’m tying my hair up and the band flies across the room because I pulled it too tight is SO annoying. Scrunchies let you know their limit without snapping, they just won’t stretch anymore. 

  2. 2. Super fun as bracelets  

    Not only can you wear them in your hair, but also on your arm. If your hair is down for the day because you finally took a shower then you still have the option of wearing a scrunchie. They are good accessories to tie an outfit together and stack well with other traditional bracelets.

  3. 3. Goodbye hair bump 

    Have you ever put your hair up and then after a long day taken out the ponytail to find that Mt. Everest has risen on the back of your head? Yeah, it sucks. In my experience however, I have not had a scrunchie make this horrid bump yet and that’s saying something.

  4. 4. I mean.. they’re just hella cute

    If you’re attempting a simple fall outfit for the day, a classic white scrunchie might just be the way. If denim on denim is your cup of tea, then a pop of color or a pattern really could be!

    Dr. Suess BARS, am I right?


If this just makes you want to splurge and buy a million scrunchies, I get it and I support you on your journey to the dark side. These fluffy donuts will most definitely be in my outfits for the rest of the week, what about you? 

HCXO, Devon 

Images Courtesy of Google Images