3 Ways to Make your Finals Week Less Stressful

Finals week is fast approaching, and I bet everyone is already freaking out over all of their exams. I am the kind of person who worries about every test and all my homework, so I always get really anxious during finals week. These tips and tricks I’m about to tell you will make your finals week fly about with as minimal stress as possible. 

1. Get a Planner 

I’m sure everyone is already using a planner at this point of the semester, but if you’re not now would be the perfect time to start. Not mapping out your final’s week can add stress to your already hectic life. If you don’t want to shell out the money for a planner you can always just write the times of your finals, so you don’t oversleep and miss them!

2. Join a Study Group

Study groups are a great way to help you further understand the material by explaining it to someone else or have someone explain it to you. Talk to your teacher, they might offer some one on one tutoring as well. You should try to start a study group when the class starts that way you stay on top of your classes. 

3. Take Breaks while studying

Studying can take a huge toll on your body, as well as affect your mental health. You should try to take at least a thirty-minute break in between studying so you don’t tire yourself out. Do something that you enjoy so you can have a little bit of fun instead of studying.