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3 Ways to Enjoy Spring Break on a Budget

As college students, we rarely have the funds required to go on extravagant trips during spring break. Here are a few ways to enjoy spring break without breaking the bank:

1. Explore your hometown

So much can change in your hometown while you’re away at school — especially if you live in a place like Lancaster. With new coffee shops and indie stores popping up every month or so, it’s hard to keep track of the places you have and have not visited. So take a day to explore your city, whether with friends or by yourself, and enjoy everything the area has to offer!

2. Actually spend time with your friends from home

It’s safe to say that we’re all guilty of making plans with our friends from home and eventually copping out — either because something actually came up or because we just didn’t feel like leaving the couch. So make it a point to follow through with your plans, even if your day just consists of laying around on their bedroom floor and talking about how stressful school has been lately. Trust me, you’ll be happy you did.

3. Start watching a new show

Of course, once all your socializig and exploring have come to an end, you have to reward yourself with some well-deserved alone time. So scroll through Netflix and pick the first show that sparks your interest, regardless of whether or not it’s something you’d “normally” watch. Use this abundant free time to discover new shows and movies to obsess over before you get sucked back into the daily grind of homework, studying, and wishing you could binge-watch your new favorite show.

As you can see, it doesn’t take much to make this spring break memorable! Make the most of this time you have off, and don’t forget to catch up on your sleep before heading back to school! Happy spring break, collegiettes!

*All images courtesy of Tumblr

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