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3 Favorite Fall Go To Outfits

I love clothes. To the point where I know I have a shopping addiction. It’s not an exaggeration, but the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem right? LOL! This week I really wanted to try and include every outfit from my week giving you five amazing outfits. Sadly as we all know with college sometimes things don’t always go that way. But alas, I was able to get three of my favorite fall OOTD’s for you and where you can snag some of the same great pieces or how you could even put outfits together for inspiration for yourself! 


1. Casual Monday (Or any other day of the week… lets be honest) 


Some of my favorite things are not even in my closet… they’re actually in my fiance’s so naturally I steal A LOT of clothes from him, but I mean who doesn’t steal stuff from their significant other? For this outfit I pared my fiance’s Arizona State T-shirt with my favorite American Eagle Play leggings. To make it more fall appropriate for this chilly day I threw on my favorite army green puffer vest and opted for some amazingly soft over the knee socks and my favorite buckle boots from Famous Footwear. This is one of my favorite outfits to wear all the time to class or running around town on those chilly fall days. It even transitions well to winter because of the vest. Instead of wearing my hair up in a high pony though I would switch out the pony for either a down style or french braids so I could pop on a beenie to keep my ears warmer. 


2. Business Casual 



Anything I can either wear leggings or jeans to is fine by me if it has to be on the dressier side. Don’t get me wrong in the summer I TOTALLY LOVE my dresses. I love being able to wake up and throw on one article of clothing, do something cute with my hair, add a little bit of make up and I am out the door. But in the fall thats when I feel like we all add a little more effort into our outfits. I know this one is definetly one of my go to’s when I wanna look put together and cute but I still need to boarder on the more casual side of things. 

For this outfit I paired my favorite Arie ruffle sleeve rust colored top with my super dark wash american eagle jeans. My roughed up textured booties are from Maurice’s along with my green camo jacket (probably one of my most favorite articles of clothing I own.) Seriously though if you don’t have a camo military inspired cargo jacket, you need to run to your computer and find one. They are such a versitile piece. To tie it all together with some jewlery I added my favorite chain mail bib necklace from Forever21. 


3. Holiday Go To 


This striped dress is another one of those staple pieces that I just cant live without. The great thing about it is it’s long sleeve and thick meaning I won’t freeze to death when the time comes that I have to start pairing tights with it. It also is a great holiday piece because its a little loose and baggy (more on the lines of a shift dress but isn’t too drapey). 

This striped H&M long sleeve shift dress is great paired with this amazing brick colored leather jacked that I picked up from Forever21 along with the cheetah print scarf also from Forever21. My pearl and medalion bib necklace was thrifted from Plato’s Closet and my boot’s and socks are both from Famous Footwear. This is again one of my favorite outfits. I love how versatile this outfit is dress it up or dress it down it will always be a classic. 


If you guys liked this article feel free to check me out on my instagram where I post not only OOTD’s but makeup and hair ideas aswell (emilynn_kay). I hope those of you who are either going on Fall Break or are already on Fall Break have an amazing weekend full of rest and relaxation. 

XOXO HerCampus Babes! Until next time! 

*This Is Not a Sponsered Article 

*All Photos are from my personal Instagram 


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