3 Disney Channel Shows From The 2000s That Should Be On Netflix

Growing up there was one channel that I watched on repeat - Disney Channel. My childhood was shaped by the shows that I binged every day after school on Disney Channel. The new Disney Channel isn’t the same, so in this article, I am going to tell you my all-time favorite Disney Channel shows that I think should be on Netflix. 

1. Hannah Montana 

This show was about Miley Stewart, a young girl living a double life as a pop star called Hannah Montana. She is surrounded by her best friends Lilly and Oliver; they know her secret and help her hide her true identity.  This show lasted five years, and it taught me that anyone could be special.


2. Lizzie McGuire 

This show was about a high school girl (Lizzie McGuire) who received advice from her cartoon alter ego. Her friends Maranda and “Gordo” help her deal with things going on in her life. There was also a movie made which shows Lizzie going to Europe with her friends for a school trip. While in Europe she meets a singer and sings a duet with a pop star.

3. That’s So Raven

This show centered around the life of Raven Baxter, a high school girl who can see the future. Her friends Eddie and Chelsea help Raven deal with her visions, as well as her parents. This show was on the air for three years, and there is currently a spinoff show on Disney Channel called Raven’s Home.




These are shows that I would love to see Netflix pick up, they were such an important part of my childhood and I would love to watch them again. I loved basically every show that Disney Channel produced, but these three are ones that I could watch forever. If you haven’t seen these shows I highly recommend that you find some clips on YouTube, because they are amazing.     


Images courtesy of Google Images