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3 Brands That Are Totally #GirlBoss Worthy

We all have that #girlboss friend in our life and if you don’t have one, it’s probably you! But what do you buy the girl boss who seems to have everything? Have no fear, I’ve found 3 brands that totally can help you with birthdays, graduations, or even treat yo’self moments for that girl boss in your life!

1.) Ban.do

Started by Jen Gotch, Ban.do is the perfect destination for kitschy, girly gifts! From phone cases, stationery like their adorable agendas, and a plethora of accessories, you’ll definitely be able to find the perfect gift or a little something for yourself! I can’t rave enough about how much I love their drinkware with their funny sayings and colors, so a travel mug would be the perfect gift for your girl boss friend who is always on the go and growing her empire!

2.) Sonix

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably the one obsessed with your iPhone. Or your girl boss bestie has her phone on her at all times. That being said, Sonix was a wide range of affordable, durable, and adorable phone cases to keep your bestie’s (or your) phone stylish at all times! I have a Sonix case of my own and once again, cannot recommend this brand enough when looking for that perfect gift. With sassy sayings and prints, you really can’t go wrong with a phone case and matching charger! Even better, they also sell sunglasses! What’s better than protecting your eyes and phone with cute print and styles?

3.) Glossier

We all know that when growing our empire, keeping our skin in good condition and free of breakouts can sometimes a struggle. Luckily, Glossier is there to take care of your besties’ skin and yours! From a full range of skin care like their Milky Gelly Cleanser that washes away makeup and whatever other nasties have made a home on your skin. It keeps you looking awake and refreshed! Getting a gift from Glossier is always a great choice. And who doesn’t love having someone care enough to make sure your skin is in tip-top shape when you’re out networking and making a name for yourself?

Whether you’re the #girlboss in your life or it’s your bestie, sometimes a little treat yo’self moment in necessary for the both of you! You won’t be disappointed by any of these brands, and opening these gifts is only going to make growing your empire even more fun!

*All images courtesy of Pinterest, Ban.do, Sonix, and Glossier

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