21 Honest Valentine's Day Cards For Couples

With Valentine’s Day vastly approaching, many of us want to surprise our loved ones with a V’Day card that comes from the heart. But what if your take on romance is slightly different from the conventional terms of endearment? Well look no further, these 21 brutally honest Valentine’s Day cards will be sure to take the lovey dovey words right out of your mouth.

1.) We belong together... FOREVER

Available here.

2.) Aww

Available here.

3.) Kittens anyone? Available here.

4.) Speaking of kittens...

Available here.

5.) Look closely at this one Available here.

6.) Who wouldn't love a "Breaking Bad" card?!

Available here.

7.) Ouch!

Available here.

8.) I'm sure Kim K. loves him just as much Available here.

9.) Yummm! Who doesn't love puns? Available here.

10.) *Sexual innuendo* Available here.

11.) For all you athletes... who are sexy and you know it Available here.

12.) We LOVE Mr. Rogers Available here.

13.)  ...and naps Available here.

14.) Age ain't nothing but a number... Available here.

15.) It's so true though Available here.

16.) Lol! Available here.

17.) Seriously? Available here.

18.) How much in love are you? Available here.

19.) What's V-Day without Drake!? Available here.

20.) Definitely! Available here.

21.) Beyonce said it best Available here.


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