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Hey everyone! It is your favorite non-binary writer here to tell you that IT IS MY BIRTHDAY! Born on November 15th, 2002, at 9:23pm on a rainy Friday night, a Scorpio legend was born. I thought for kicks and giggles I would share some of the most fascinating facts about me- 20 to be exact -and this will give you guys more of an understanding of who I am, where I come from, and what I like! 

  1. I am the oldest child. There is a lucky 7 years in between each of my siblings and I. Kailon, my brother, is 6 and my sweet Libra sister Nevaeh just turned lucky 13 in October! 
  1. I had brain surgery when I was 10 years old. Almost a decade ago in May of 2012, a spinal tumor terrorized my body causing me to go blind and be extremely weak. I have a tube in my brain called a ventriculoperitoneal shunt (VP Shunt) that drains the excess fluid out of my brain which is why I can see!  
  1. I met Todrick Hall twice. You might have heard of Todrick Hall as he won the Masked Singer and was recently on Big Brother where people started to make conspiracies about him. However, like he said, reality TV is not what you think it is and that you need to know the facts before judging. Todrick is one of my biggest inspirations and I had the privilege of seeing him twice in Philly for his world tours. He smells great, always smiles and puts on a great show. Check out his songs on all music platforms! 
  1. One of my dream places to go is New Orleans, Louisiana. Not only are there delicious beignets, but great music and amazing souls to connect with. My dream is to go there during Mardi Gras and party it up! 
  1. I work for none other than the king himself, Dr. Daniel A. Wubah. Here at Millersville University, our 15th President is “a tribal king (Toapentenhene) at Breman Asikuma in the Central Region of Ghana.” In his office, I am the Vice President Student Assistant and work with outstanding people. It could be 8am or 5pm and Dr. Wubah will always greet you with a welcoming smile. He really does care about the life of students, and I truly look up to him for that. 
  1. I am writing a play! Since junior year of high school after going through a rough move, I began vigorously coming up with stories and poems to ease my mind. The show is entitled Pouring Rain and so far, I only have Act One finished. 
  1. Fall is my favorite season. I love it when the leaves change colors, and the air gets crisper. We have Halloween and Thanksgiving during this time which is THE BEST! Not to mention there’s always pretty sunsets, beautiful mornings and of course the obvious SWEATER WEATHER!  
  1. I believe pumpkin spice flavors should be available all year round at coffee places. I absolutely love pumpkin spice; the candles, coffee, pie and more. I hate having to wait until the end of September to get a delicious Pumpkin Spice Latte or waiting until the stores have the fall décor so I can get my fall scented goods. It brings me nostalgia. 
  1. I believe in true love. There is a “3 Love” theory where you fall in love three different times with three different people. I love this theory a lot and have been diving into the meaning of it lately. Growing up watching people getting heartbroken, seeing how real life can treat you has honestly made me become a better person and lover. I describe myself as the lover you would find in the movies. Cause: I have seen so much damage in all sorts of relationships; effect: I became the “perfect” lover. 
  1. My Nanny is my best friend. I don’t know how I came to call my grandma “nanny” but THAT’S MY BESTIE! We have our ups and downs but when it’s just us, we share so many smiles and laughs. Next month she will be 81 and man oh man she looks at least late 50s. Must be the German genes in her. 
  1. I am very ethnic! I haven’t officially taken a 23andMe or Ancestry test, but what I can tell you is that from what I know I am 1/3 German, 1/3 Hispanic and 1/3 Pacific Islander. I am trying to embrace my roots and learn about my cultures as much as I can. I am proud to be me. 
  1. My mom is my dad. My mom is a superwoman. She legit raised 3 kids alone and continues to care for us as much as she can. She played both roles for me and I think that’s why our bond gets stronger at times. She also had me at 20 years old which is INSANE that I am half her age. Who needs a man, am I right ladies? 
  1. My gender and sexuality. I am non-binary; I don’t identify with any particular gender identity. I am not more female or more male, I am myself. I like to call myself “femuline” (a term from Todrick Hall), meaning I am feminine and masculine, but most of the time I like to be masculine. As for my sexual orientation I am homoflexible. This to me means that I prefer to be with and am attracted to females or anyone who identifies as a female. However, the “flexible” part comes to play because I can like other genders as well such as other non-binary people, transgender people and just plain males. I have the right to feel this way and yes, I was born like this. People don’t choose to like the same sex and we as the LGBTQ+ Community will always advocate for that. 
  1. I dreamed a dream. My biggest dream that I want to accomplish is to perform on Broadway. I don’t have necessarily a dream role to play but being able to live my passion in front of thousands of people would be an honor. 
  1. Older sibling. Don’t get me wrong, I love being the oldest child sometimes, but I always wanted an older brother. Someone that would give me piggy back rides and take me out for little sibling dates. A protector over me who would be my best friend. 
  1. Multiple health issues. I live with at least 10+ health conditions on the daily. I am always tired, usually very calm because I’m in my head a lot and a big worrier. Living with these conditions doesn’t define me but creates who I am. Because I deal with severe mental health problems, it gives me motivation to get better and prove to others that YOU CAN DO IT! As for my regular health conditions, I only hope that I will get better as time goes on and become a better person physically. 
  1. Favorite Disney movie? Without a doubt, The Princess and the Frog. 
  1. Favorite food? I love cheesesteaks so much I don’t care what kind it is. I also really love the breakfast foods my abuela makes when I visit her. I never know the name of the dish because her Spanish accent is so heavy but whatever it is. . . muy bien! 
  1. First tattoo? For my 16th birthday, I got my first tattoo from a wonderful artist. I currently am sitting at 8 tattoos right now and I cannot wait to get another one. My left arm will be a sleeve dedicated to music and theatre (my passions), while my right arm is more for spirituality and family. 
  1. How do you feel about being 2 decades old? Honestly, I am not sure. Each year when my birthday comes around, some years I get super excited and some years I honestly don’t care. This year for me is going to be about personal growth and being an advocate for minorities like me. I became more mature with a deeper understanding of life. I am truly blessed to see another year and cannot wait to see what the future holds. 

Well guys that’s it from me! I cannot believe I made it another year after continuing to push through the toughest times. One day I truly believe my dreams will come true and I will prove to everyone that I DID IT. Thank you all for your kind words and birthday wishes!  

HCXO, Ace 

Ace Freed

Millersville '26

Ace Freed is a freshman at Millersville University. They will be debuting their creative work starting this fall at MUHC! Ace studies Speech Communication Theatre and hopes to make it to Broadway. Currently, Ace is our chapter's VP and Editor in Chief. Check out their work!