2 Influential African American Women You Don't Know

The first official Black history month was in 1926 and it was originally called “negro history week”. It was created by Carter G. Woodson and the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History. As of 1976 February, was designated Black history month. 

African women play an important role in Black a history month. They are known for doing extraordinary things during their lifetime. I am going to shed some light on some women who may not get the recognition they deserve. 


1. Mary McLeod Bethune 


She was an activist for education, she believed that education was a way for the young to gain traction in racial advancement. She is the founder of Daytona Normal School and The Industrial Institute for Negro Girls. That was one of the only places an African American girl could get a college education.

2. Shirley Chisholm


She was the first black congresswoman in 1968, and in 1972 she put a bid in to run for president. She was passionate about the educational system and she wanted social justice for everyone. Chisholm was awarded the presidential medal of honor 11 years after she passed away. 


I believe that the stories of these women should be known by the people. I find their stories to be very inspirational, they dedicated their entire lives to helping African Americans get the rights that they deserve. These women give me the motivation to do more with my life, I hope they inspired you too. 


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