12 Things You Learned From Disney

1. How to accept the fact that change is inevitable (Lion King)

If I had to pick a Disney movie that taught me about the inevitability of change it would have to be The Lion King. Rafiki (the wise, slightly crazy baboon) is quoted in saying “Change in good” and even though he states that, Rafiki also understands that change is not always as easy as it may seem. Personally, I seriously struggle with change. I am a creature of habit and anything that turns out differently than it usually is causes me a lot of stress and slight panic. I’m not really sure I’ll ever fully be okay with change but The Lion King definitely helped me learn that it’s, unfortunately, inevitable.  

2. How to chase your dreams and successfully make them come true (Tiana)

What really makes me think this of The Princess and the Frog is the lyrics: “I remember daddy told me fairy tales can come true, but you’ve got to make them happen. It all depends on you.” Anytime I start doubting whether I can make all my dreams come true I pop in this movie and remind myself that I can do anything I set my mind to.  

3. Beauty is definitely not only skin deep (Beauty and the Beast)

To me, beauty is found within a person’s soul - not what they are wearing.


4. How to be confident in everything you do (Rapunzel)

Even if you aren’t positive that what you are doing is going to be 100% okay or successful, it’s okay. The only thing that you really need to do is be confident in your own personal beliefs and actions.  

5. Never talk to strangers (or let them in your house!) (Snow White)

If she had just kept her mouth shut or, ya know, not let the creepy old lady into her house Snow White wouldn’t have had as many problems as she did. Growing up I was always told about “Stranger Danger” and even as a child I never understand why she would be so willing to eat something from a stranger.  

6. Just because you’re a little different from everyone else doesn’t mean you’re not golden (Dumbo)

In my opinion, unique people are always the best kind of people.  

7. Girls and boys can do things equally (Mulan)

Don’t ever look at me and tell me I cannot do something just because of my gender - saying that automatically sparks a fire inside me to just prove you wrong.  

8. Never change yourself so another person will notice you or like you more (Little Mermaid)

Sure, changing herself actually worked out for Ariel but only in the sense that she could marry. When you really truly think about it, do you think changing yourself is worth never seeing your family or friends again? Do you think her decision was worth having to figure out humanity? I personally don’t but I would also absolutely love to be a mermaid so…  

9. How to fight for justice: (Esmerelda) She noticed Quasimodo being mistreated and stood up for him in front of a huge crowd, even defying orders from Lord Frollo. “You speak of justice yet you are so cruel to those who are in need of your help,” she yelled this while setting Quasimodo free.

10. How to know your own self worth (Cinderella)

Anytime you feel like you’re not an absolute goddess that can do anything you put your mind to, you need to seriously sit down and think about every single little thing you are good at doing. You cannot always lean on others to give you the pep talks you truly need - sometimes the only person you can really lean on is yourself. One way to fully get there and be successful in picking yourself up is truly knowing who you are and what you are worth and good at.  

11. Money cannot buy happiness (Aladdin)

Sure, money can buy things that make you happy but if you think deeper about what makes your soul truly happy one usually thinks of love (whether that be love of a friend, family or significant other).  

12. How to not take things for granted (Pocahontas) Pocahontas asks us to “roll in the riches all around [us] and for once, never wonder what they’re worth.” This line especially makes me consider our materialist society and how we sometimes we view nature purely as a pool of resources for our own gain when in reality its value cannot be placed. The nuances of nature truly are priceless. “How high will the sycamore grow? If you cut it down, you’ll never know.”


*All images courtesy of Giphy