10 Times Grey's Anatomy Described Your Mood

1. When someone is talking to you super early in the morning and you just...

Especially before I've had my coffee

2. When you're listening to your surroundings and hear something you shouldn't have

Definitely didn't need to hear about *that*

3. When literally nothing can stop you from getting your coffee

I don't care what's going on, I need my coffee!


4. When someone tries to undermine your abilities

Don't you dare question what I'm capable of!

5. When your mom walks away after lecturing you

This is also appropriate to do behind your professor's back...

6. When you're just really tired of responsibilites

7. Looking at the "camera" as if you're in an episode of "The Office"

8. When all of your problems can be solved with food

9. When you're on your period and can't. stop. crying.

10. When you remember there's a new episode of Grey's coming on




All images courtesy of giphy.com