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10 Annoying Things that Happen in College

The most annoying things at college:

When your professor is flipping through a PowerPoint faster than you can write down the notes.

When someone takes a loud phone call in the middle of the library.

When your professor says: “You should remember this – you learned it in elementary school!”

When someone stops in the middle of the sidewalk to talk to their friends.

When your professor is insanely strict about a deadline and refuses to accept late papers, but takes forever to grade and return them to you.

When people don’t know what “quiet floor” in the library means.

When you go to your professor for help and the professor speaks to you in a condescending tone the whole time.

When someone doesn’t give the janitor/workers the respect he/she deserves.

When your professor’s handwriting is unreadable so you just have to guess what is written on the margins of the essay.

When the person sitting beside you won’t stop tapping their pencil or clicking their pen.

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