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Why Spring Semester is Actually the Worst

Spring semester: the last hoorah before a hopefully amazing summer. Maybe you’re feeling the whole “new year, new me” ~vibe~ at the beginning of the semester and are eagerly waiting to see what 2017 has in store for you, or maybe you’re just counting down the days until summer. Me, I fall into the latter category. For as long as I can remember, I have never liked this time of year. Spring semester is actually the worst, in my opinion. Here are some reasons why:

The Weather

Most people are pumped when they see the snow melting for the last time and a warm breeze brush across their campuses. But here in SoFlo, spring has an entirely different meaning. To us, spring is a sign that the wonderful mild weather of winter is now coming to an end. Pretty soon, it will be impossible to wear cute light sweaters and jeans to class, and we’ll have to resort to flip flops and tanks. Some think this isn’t a bad gig, but it’s not fun shaving your legs on a consistent basis. You try spending half an hour styling your hair only to have it ruined on your five-minute walk to class with 1000% humidity.



Spring also means that your day is literally longer too. Daylight Savings Time ends, and with it, all your early Netflix nights end too. And with the SoFlo heat, more time with sunshine means more heat, which means more sweat, which is not a good situation for anyone really. Time just seems to drag on and on and on…

Lack of Breaks

Not only is spring semester longer, there aren’t as many breaks. Most universities only give students a Spring Break – as opposed to Thanksgiving and Fall break – and some local community colleges don’t even get that. So you spend all of your semester looking for a break that is months away. And, a lot of people use spring break as anything short of a break, whether they go on busy vacation, or spend the entire time in the library studying for dreadful midterms. So even the time spent away from the classrooms isn’t time for relaxation.

Saying Goodbye to Friends

The worst part of spring semester is having to say goodbye to your older friends at graduation. For anyone who has older friends, this is a time of sadness. Although you’re relieved to be done with the semester, no one can replace that friend who used to drive you to get froyo at 3 a.m. And if you’re the one graduating, it’s a bittersweet time. You get your diploma, but now you have to be a real adult.

All in all, spring semester isn’t as much fun as it’s painted out to be. For most, it’s a lot of endings, and not a lot of beginnings. But at least you can weep by the pool as you get an amazing tan!

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