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Which Walking Dead Character are you during Finals?

Let's face it, finals week is coming up and it's a lot like the Walking Dead. You have those students that know they're not going to make it, those that struggle to make it and those who are prepared for exams. These students can be summed up into 4 Season 5 Walking Dead characters. The most prepared can be compared to Michonne and Carol and the least could be Eugene and Beth.

Michonne = Prepared since day 1
Michonne is by far the most fearless character in the Walking Dead. This is for the students who've been ready for finals since syllabus week. The only thing they have to do during finals week is review material and get a good night's rest. I know these students exist, I just haven't met them. Like Michonne, they sure are keepers. 

Carol = Does surprisingly well
Carol is easy to underestimate. However, she learns to survive and becomes a strong and vital part of the show. So this is for the students who struggle with exams but end up doing great after putting their best foot forward and studying hard. These students don't know their abilities until they put their all into studying and do better than they imagined. 

Eugene = Not so great at finals
There are some students that just won't do well on their finals. Their options range from studying foreign material last minute or just calling quits and winging it. They're more like Eugene who knew from the beginning that he wasn't going to make it on his own. He only made it all the way to Season 5 because of the stronger characters protection. 

Beth = Looks on the bright side
Some students can try and try but they're just not prepared enough for finals. They still manage to keep a positive attitude regardless. Even though Beth has shown so much progress throughout the seasons, she still manages to need to be saved every single time. Her revenge plots fail and so does everything else. Yet, she never fails to be happy for other people even after all of her failures. 


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