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What to do in Miami: Covid Safe Edition

Despite the rapid roll of vaccinations and discontinuing of the mandated mask wear in certain places, Covid-19 is still very much around. We’ve been forced to learn to find entertainment in Tik-Tok and fun in zoom calls. But lucky for you, I have put together a list of 5 exciting things to do in Miami that exceed the realm of online satisfaction. 

  1. Visit Wynwood 

Wynwood is one of the most photographed areas in Miami. With the iconic artwood and amazing lighting you can definitely snap some super cute Instagram photos. Another plus of Wynwood is that there is plenty of space to socially distance, considering it is outside and not inside one building. This is a MUST SEE stop in Miami, especially if you want to remain covid conscious. 

   2. Explore Frost Museum of Science 

The Frost Museum of Science can be enjoyed by anyone: a science buff or someone who  prefers the arts. This place offers the best of both worlds and a bevy of interactive opportunities that will keep you occupied for most of the day. You can’t miss seeing the 500,000 gallon aquarium- which is photo worthy in itself. On top of being such a show stoppingly beautiful sight, the Frost Museum believes in science and has ensured proper CDC guidelines are followed. 

   3. Take a Trip to Jungle Island 

Jungle Island is the perfect place to get in touch with your wild side. This attraction prides itself in being an eco-adventure park. While taking you for a thrilling adventure through their 18-acre park, they fully immerse in jungle life bringing you up close and personal with rare and exocitc animals. If you’re more of a sight see-er, don’t fret, Jungle Island has picturesque spots such as their private beach and waterfalls. Best of all, this adventure is covid safe and distanced! 

   4. Want a National Park? Try Two! 

Miami Dade county holds the record for being the only county in America housing more than one national park. So, it would be insane not to visit these two spots: Everglades National Park and Biscayne National Park. Each of these attractions will allow you to get in touch with nature. While Biscayne National Park is mostly underwater, it would be a great escape from the outside world to explore down under by snorkeling or scuba diving. And with the Everglades, your options range from biking down Shark Valley to safely viewing alligators at the reserve- options are endless! Needless to say at a national park, CDC guidelines are enforced and if you’re snorkeling you get a built in mask! 

   5. Head Over to the Design District 

This is another beautiful attraction Miami has to offer. You can indulge in a little shopping (be weary: designer stores = designer price tags). You can also snap some fire Instagram pictures here. And if you get hungry, check out the Dior Cafe- super good. The design district is known for its innovative takes on architecture and fashion, which makes it a drop dead gorgeous destination that you MUST SEE. Put on your cutest outfit and matching mask and work it at the design district! 

All in all, just get outside! With the beautiful and warm weather Miami has to offer, there is no better way to escape the online burnout than to get outside and explore! Anywhere in Miami can be a sight to see. Head to the beach and be sure to social distance; get a small group of friends to indulge in outdoor dining; check out University of Miami’s campus; visit Vizcaya or Fairchilds. Simply get outside, bring your mask, and live your best life!


Brittani is a current freshman, studying political science, at the University of Miami. Aside from reading, you can catch her at the beach soaking in the sun, trying out fun exercises, or making tik-toks.
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