Top Five Farmer's Market Picks

We all like Wednesday because it means there are only two more days until Friday (I know, duh!). But, we also like Wednesday because – get hyped – it means FARMER’S MARKET, wohoo! Walking across campus in the morning, you can smell the opportunity and excitement in the air… okay, okay I’m just kidding! But seriously, what’s better than grabbing a quick bite between classes or just walking around enjoying the vibe?

New to the Farmer’s Market grind? Or just looking to branch out from your regular vendors? Here are my top picks:

1) The coconut place

I’m sure none of us have missed the coconut water hype or the importance of staying hydrated! While pretty expensive, this place is great! You even get a little cocktail parasol with your drink… need I say more?

Recommendation: the coconut shake (trust me, it’s everything!)

2) The Argentinian Grill

Are you in the mood for something more substantial? Try the steak sandwiches at the Argentinian Grill! They are actually the, and it both looks and tastes like they are using high quality produce!

Recommendation: the steak and egg sandwich (don’t forget the chimichurri, and add some hot sauce if you’re into it!)

3) The Acai Bowl place

Looking to be a little basic? No? Okay, well get over yourself because these acai bowls are incredible, so let the basic flow (I even like to throw in a Snapchat story of it for good measure)!

Recommendation: the dragon bowl without granola and with peanut butter (eat as a snack or for breakfast)

4) Nisha’s Flavors of India

This stand is run by the sweetest lady who’s very big on giving out samples, so don’t walk over there on a full stomach! If you’re into Indian food (naan bread in my heart!), this is definitely a can’t miss!

Recommendation: The spinach & feta cheese samosas paired with the paratha dip (stays good in the fridge for a day or two, so it could be a buy now, eat later type situation)

5) The Crepe place

This place offers a selection of different crepes, anything from more “foodie” stuff to dessert options. Being a devoted farmers market-er (yes, I just made that into a noun), I have had both kinds and they’re great! In all honesty: can you ever go wrong with a crepe? I think not!

Recommendation: The strawberry, banana and nutella crepe (and be sure to go wild on the cream topping!)