Top 10 Best WoC Beauty Bloggers on YouTube

If you're like me, you watch beauty gurus on YouTube like it's your job. But unfortunately, women of color, such as I, always have a hard time finding people who share the same shade of foundation, which can be frustrating as a genuinely curious makeup enthusiast. Luckily, I've compiled a list of my top 10 best "women of color" YouTubers; check it out!


1. Jackie Aina

Aunty Jackie! If you're looking for a little bit of sass mixed with a whole lot of honesty, she's your gal. Her staple looks include a "your skin but better" base with of course, peachy-nude lips!

2. Sharifa Easmin-Kabir

Shoutout to my brown gals! Sharifa isn't a professional MUA, but her looks are just as stunning. If you're an olive or gold-toned warm skin color, her recommendations will work great for you. 

3. Alissa Ashley

She's adorable, hilarious, and has amazing makeup and video-editing skills. Her looks range from sultry and smokey to light and fresh-faced, with the occasional "Mystery Makeup Monday's" videos she's known for! 

4. Iris Beilin (Irishcel507)

I know of only a few other beauty gurus on YouTube who keep it as real as Iris does. Her sassy videos will have you rolling of laughter and slaying the makeup game. If you're looking for some beauty entertainment with a Latina flare, look no further and join her "crazy familia"!

5. Sabina Hannan

Britain-based and blessed AF, Sabina's forte is bold and full-glam. A lot of her looks center around her culture as a Muslim women so if you're a hijabi as well, she definitely has your back. 

6. Ronke Raji

Ronke specializes in videos geared towards darker-deep skin tones. Her staple ombre lips are something you will definitely want to recreate!

7. Shahd Batal

Also a hijabi YouTuber, Shahd does makeup videos and much more. Her fashion videos are perfect for if you're looking to serve looks on more than just your face!

8. Nabela Noor

Nabela is outspoken and as fearless as can be. She is confident and focuses a lot of her own videos on how to be comfortable in your own skin while also beating your face to the gods!

9. Nyma Tang

Her tutorials that appeal towards women who also have dark skin are poppin'! She definitely makes it a point to try out the darker shades of foundation lines to ensure that they are good enough for us as consumers to try. Plus...just look at her. Who wouldn't want to watch her videos?!

10. Brandi Lofton

Last but certainly not least, Brandi does beauty tutorials for makeup and for hair. If you are looking to knock two birds out with one stone, definitely give her videos a peek!


Just to finish things up, all YouTubers mentioned here are known for being transparent and honest when it comes to sponsored videos and products. They are clear when it comes to what they get paid for, what is PR, etc.!