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Starmites: This Weekend Only!

Over the past two months, in an ordinary classroom in Dooley Memorial, a group of people have been working to create something extraordinary.  CaneStage, the student run theatre company on campus, has been working extremely hard to put on Starmites, a cosmic adventure about what happens if you are actually transported to your fantasy land and become the person you always wanted to be.  

Eleanor, a quirky teenager, is obsessed with a comic book series called Starmites and one day she is transported to her fantasy world and becomes the “Superhero Girl” she always wanted to be.  “She doesn’t really want to embrace these opportunities that are being given to her because she doesn’t think she deserves it, or at least she doesn’t really see herself being this powerful prophetic being that she is said to be,” says Serena Libertad, who plays Eleanor.  Without giving away spoilers, let’s just say that everything turns out exactly how it’s supposed to for ordinary Eleanor.  

The process of putting on Starmites has been going on since last semester.  CaneStage has to choose the show, and then a director has to apply and be selected from the pool of applicants.  Then, once the new semester rolls around, casting and callbacks occur.  Senior Vickie Sierra says “My thoughts during casting were ‘It’ll be fun to say hi to [directors] Shannon and Megan and mess around for five minutes cuz there’s no way I’ll actually be in this show.”  Vickie plays Ack Ack, one of the Starmites.  “Wait, what” she says was her initial response to the casting.  CaneStage boasts a wide range of talent, from newbies to seasoned vets.  “Starmites is one of the best experiences I’ve ever been a part of,” says Brianna Earhart, a sophomore theatre arts major.  “We’re all a stellar, talented cast that has become almost like a family.”

As anyone who has ever put on a play will know, the process is not an easy one, but it is always worth it in the end.  Late nights turn into early mornings, and tech week, when the music, lights, sound effects, costumes, and every other element gets put together, is particularly brutal.  “Even though it’s sometimes rough,” says Brianna, “we pull through and I know it’s going to be amazing by opening!”

CaneStage’s production of Starmites runs April 7th through 10th in the Cosford Cinema on campus.  Don’t miss it!

Lee is a theatre major at the University of Miami with a minor in Womens and Gender Studies.  She is also a vice president of Kappa Kappa Gamma.  In her free time, Lee enjoys snowboarding and attemping to eat entire pizzas by herself. 
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