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Stages Of Being Perpetually Single

  1. Your Pinterest board is LOADED.

You have your whole life planned out on Pinterest. I’m saying your wedding album is detailed down to the very last chandelier. But as for your dating life. You’re honestly not even sure.

2. You fail hilariously at online dating

At first you’re optimistic. You’re looking forward to dates and meeting new people. You’re confident that you can totally go on a date with someone you barely know. And that you might just have a nice romantic moment. But your date ends up going like this:

3. You are the BEST person to come to after the break up.

You’re filled with like “you don’t need this person, you’re strong and independent…you don’t need anyone.” BUT I DO. You’re conflicted because you are happy being single sometimes…but other times you’re just like c’mon.

4. Things never seem to work out

You meet guys who you like and, of course, they start to like you…..when you stop liking them. It’s all about timing and timing has never been right for you.

5. You fully accept your situation 

You feel empowered and perfectly happy being single and ignore all the societal messages that you need a significant other.

And now, repeat from number 1.

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