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The Semester As Told By Music Majors

As music majors, we know how much of a struggle college life can be. Practicing, lots of rehearsals, practicing, crazy hours, practicing, finding time to still be a human with a social life, practicing…But at least we’re all on the struggle bus together, right? Here’s what it’s like to experience a semester through our point of view.

1. First Day

It’s so great to be back at school! We’ve been looking forward to this all summer. Seeing our friends, making new ones, starting up classes, doing what we love 24/7. Wow, this is the life. It’s almost like we aren’t about to be slammed with…

2. Auditions

Oh, yeah. Those things. It’s okay, we got this. Keep cool. It’s not like we’re being judged by all of our professors and peers or anything. Deep breaths. 

3. Rehearsals

Ensemble placement results are out, and rehearsals have begun. It’s all fun and games until the music kicks your butt and you remember how much work you have to do. Better practice…

4. Finding a Practice Room

It seems like every time we have a window in our day to practice, every single room is full. We make endless trips up and down the hallway waiting for someone to leave, thinking, “Why me?!” Of course, when we finally get that empty room (score), the air conditioning doesn’t work and it smells like dirty socks. 

5. Existential Crisis

“Why did I go to music school? I’m not cut out for this. When did I decide to pursue music in the first place? I don’t remember why I started liking music. What even is music? I have no clue what I’m supposed to be doing with myself.”

6. That One Awesome Party

After weeks of isolation and hard work, we decide to stop being so hard on ourselves and go out with friends for once. We have an awesome time, and some of our sanity is restored. Maybe college isn’t so bad after all.

7. Stress Sets Back In

Now we’re in the most grueling part of the semester, and the illusion of calm we had while we were with our friends is gone. We’re trying our best to channel The Little Engine that Could. I think I can… I think I can… I hope I can… maybe I can…

8. Recitals and Juries

The peak of the semester. If we don’t have our own recital to perform, we’re playing on 47584930 other people’s. And then there’s our beloved juries, the one thing we spend all of our time preparing for. If we thought we couldn’t find a practice room before, we DEFINITELY won’t find one during jury season.

9. Accomplishment

We made it to the end of the semester, still in one piece. Looking back, we did some pretty awesome things together. We’re lucky to get the chance to pursue what we love to do and turn it into a career for the rest of our lives. It may be hectic and stressful a lot of the time, but there’s nothing else we’d rather do. 

Alex is a junior majoring in Studio Music and Jazz at the University of Miami. While not rehearsing, practicing, or performing, she enjoys petting every dog she sees on campus and wishing she was at Hogwarts. More info about Alex at alexbrandenburgmusic.com
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