The Personality Test Actually Worth Taking

Many of us fall victim to the personality quizzes that our Facebook feeds love to put in our path, while we scroll down looking for cute dog pictures and posts from our friends traveling to that country with the hard to pronounce name. Even though we know the results tell us absolutely nothing about ourselves, we take the time to answer a few questions or give some obscure website permissions to “analyze” our profile. Why? Well, it's fun and we can make fun of the people who got lame results.

What if I told you that there is a personality profile that actually helps you understand you? The DiSC profile is a way to better understand your behavior, your motives and your relationships. The results of the test help to enhance teamwork, develop leadership tactics and respond to stressors.

The profile separates you into four families: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness. Then, it further categorizes you into more specific patterns. For example, I belong to the Creative Pattern within the Dominance Family. When I took the test, my results astounded me, because they were so accurate and the tips made so much sense.

Instead of telling me what type of mermaid I am or the year I’m going to get married, this test gave me strategies to work better with other people and a chance to honestly look at the qualities that could make understanding me… and working with me a bit, well, difficult. Take the time to learn a little more about you!

I took the test at a leadership retreat, but you can take two free versions of the test here and here.