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As a sorority woman, I’m extremely proud of what my sorority has done for the community and for my sisters. I wouldn’t give up my sorority for anything in the world. It has bettered me as a person and I really appreciate all that it has given me. Honestly though, I couldn’t tell you about those details of the Panhellenic community we try to memorize during rush week. But this past week was Panhell Pride Week, and it made me feel closer to the Greek community as a whole.

Panhellenic Pride week is a week of celebrating Greek life. There are weeklong activities that center around the Circle of Sisterhood philanthropy, which raises money to build schools for girls in developing countries.

On Monday was the Shake Shack fundraiser and Pie-a-Greek: where you can pay to throw a pie at one of your Greek peers, was super fun. I always love Greek events involving pieing, it lets your frustration out! An inspirational speaker also attracted an audience talking about the importance of Circle of Sisterhood and Sorority women.

On Tuesday, Pure Barre Fitness held a class for Panhell Pride. Pure Barre is a very popular dance workout class for dancers (and non dancers!).

On Wednesday, Bagel emporium held a fundraiser and the Greek community held a Panhellenic Bake sale. Then my personal favorite (read my Soul Cycle for Beginners article), SoulCycle fitness event was at night! It was a class of SoulCycle where a portion of the proceeds went to Circle of Sisterhood!

On Friday the Candy Grams were delivered Mean Girls style!

Circle of Sisterhood aims to break the cycle of poverty by providing girls in developing countries with materials used for schooling. They’ll even raise money to build schools in places that can’t afford them. I’m so proud of all my Panhellenic sisters for being part of such a wonderful week, and I’m so thankful to be part of such an amazing community.

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