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An Open Letter to my Roommates

Dear Roomies,

Hey *expletive*s, it’s me. Now, I don’t mean that in an I-hate-you way. I mean that in an I’m-so happy-we’ve-gotten-close-enough-that-I can-greet-you-like-that kind of way. I Just wanted to thank you guys for always being there for me. It may be easy to make friends — but roommates are more than friends. They’re stuck with you 24/7. They have seen the highest of up’s and the lowest of downs.  They’re not just friends that can walk out of your apartment at any moment and say “see you tomorrow” when they don’t want to deal with you. From leaving your hair straightener on (3rd time this week, Jess), to leaving me “presents” on my bed (Emily you’ve officially won the prank war), there’s no one I’d rather end the semester with. There’s no one I’d rather Netflix and Chill with, or make up late night dances to Justin Bieber with. No one I’d rather plot revenge on unsuspecting boys with, or Google weird stuff that makes me not want to open my computer in public the next day for fear that I might not have clicked out of the webpage. No one I’d rather have the “Which Jonas Brother am I?” argument with. I love you guys so much that I MIGHT consider being Kevin. Maybe. What would I do without all your crazy shenanigans? I know that I’m a lot to put up with sometimes, and thank you both for dealing with me. But then again, that’s what roommates do: they deal with each other. And somewhere along the way they might just find out that they love each other. I love you guys, I’m so lucky to have ended up with bomb.com roommates.

Also: thanks for always taking pictures with me so it looks like I have friends.

Rolanda Wang.

P.S. Jess, you probably left your hair straightener on again.

Image credit: Rolanda Wang

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