The New Age of Pumpkin Carving

It’s that time of year again! Pumpkin patches are popping up all over, Target’s dollar section is filled with cute Halloween decor and pumpkin spice lattes are amongst us. There’s just one thing missing - a cute pumpkin to go along with it all. While the mess of the traditional pumpkin carving is undesirable and you may not have the necessary tools, there’s still plenty of minimal mess pumpkin projects you can do to get into the spirit of things. Here is our list of top 8 projects to get your hands on.

1. The Chalkboard Pumpkin

With a small can of chalkboard paint and a set of chalk, you can make this adorable Halloween countdown pumpkin or do a rustic, calligraphy message of your choice. Here is a link to Chalkboard lettering tricks and tips.

2. The Sticker Pumpkin

Whether it’s a cute sticker set you can buy online or a set of stickers you find at Target’s dollar section, stickering the pumpkin is a cute and unique way to go. Here is a link to an Etsy account that can help with all your stickering wants!

3. The Melted Crayon Pumpkin


First paint your pumpkin white then with a pack of 24 crayons, hot glue gun and a blow dryer you can accomplish this look in about an hour. You can get fancy with it to by having a certain color scheme versus the traditional rainbow collection. Here is a link to a YouTube to watch it live.

4. The Tissue Paper Pumpkin

Go to the dollar store and purchase a small set of tissue paper. Paint the pumpkin white then cut the sheets into circle for this look. You can also just buy purple, black, and green tissue paper and keep your pumpkin orange for a more Halloween look.

5. The Pop Up Pumpkin


Target, Walmart and Publix are beginning to sell these amazing sets where you just push in the items into your pumpkin and they are decorated. A lot of them are either Disney themed with Star Wars characters, the traditional Mickey Mouse Crew or Princesses but sometimes they also have sets of witches, Frankenstein, and more.

6. The Mummy Pumpkin

Go to the craft store and get some googly eyes and a glue stick. Go to your bathroom and grab toilet paper. Get this look in 1,2,3. Here’s a YouTube tutorial on it!

7. The Glitter Pumpkin

This look is a little more complex but is so worth the cute factor. Buy mini pumpkins and small bottles of different color paints. Once they’re dry, dip a part of the pumpkins in glue and into the glitter color of your choice. I personally would love to try this look along with the sticker pumpkin slogans but that’s just me.

8. The Sharpie Pumpkin

For the more artistically inclined, grab a thick Sharpie and give your pumpkins personalities - way easier than carving and will for a fact come out the way you want it to.

And there you have it folks! Time to get into ~spooky~ mode. Happy Halloween, witches!