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Move Over Hallmark, DIY Queen Coming Through

So let’s face it, just because Valentine’s Day is over doesn’t mean wooing your significant other is. With the $10 perpetually left in our bank accounts, it becomes difficult to do anything lavish, but Pinterest comes to rescue.

If you’re anything like me, you’re a sucker for a handmade, personal card. Hallmark never gets the perfect sentiment across nor puts into words exactly what you want to say. Plus, it also reminds me of quick runs to CVS before a party and picking the first generic thing in sight, which isn’t something I want to associate with my boyfriend. So Pinterest comes in clutch with cute ideas that only require copy paper and a box of crayons.

For the nerdy boyfriend:

For the “older” boyfriend:

For the non-Valentine’s Day holidays:

For anytime:


To congratulate the little things in life:

No boyfriend, no problem. Send some love to your parents:

If you have a little more money to splurge ($5-$7) on Amazon, purchase these little fill-in-the-blank books from stationary company, “Knock Knock stuff”. They have a several books for their occasions. It’s now a thing with my boyfriend and I to exchange them with each other. Here’s a picture of my boyfriend’s collection thus far:


Maybe your cards will inspire your boyfriend to do the same back for you. Here’s a picture of my boyfriend’s “masterpieces;" just had to share his #YouTried:

Like what you saw? Visit my pinterest board for more DIY cuteness: http://pin.it/yKXVJKD

Kaitlin is a junior majoring in Marketing and Advertising. She was the Editor in Chief of the Ibis Yearbook, a Marketing Research Lab Assistant, a SOBE, and a 'Cane for a Day. On the weekends, she likes to read, explore the city, and try new places to eat.
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