Inconspicuous Campus Gems

There are many cool, beautiful places on the campus of the University of Miami: the Lake, Fate Bridge and the hammocks are just a few well-known, idyllic spots. However, there are also a few places I’ve discovered over my four years that are pretty cool and that not everybody may know exist. Depending on your major, some of these spots may seem very familiar, or totally unknown.

11. SSC balcony

The Shalala Student Center is a beautiful building. It’s sleek and modern and a great place to hang out and get coffee, listen to music or get some work done. On the third floor is an outdoor balcony that's breezy with beautiful views and comfortable, wicker furniture. Each time I go it's usually fairly empty, which leads me to believe that the general student body has forgotten how great it is.


10. The study room inside the SSC

There are lots of great, popular study spots on campus—Richter, dorm study rooms, and the SSC’s many floors being only a few. The SSC has a specific study room however that seem underrated and underused. It is quiet, conveniently located in the middle of campus, has a printer nearby and plenty of open study/lounge spots available. In addition, this room has outlets all over the room, and a specific charging station.

9. The physics library:

Speaking of study spots, the physics library is absolutely gorgeous. While the University as a whole is trying to remodel itself to be sleeker and more modern, this little spot on campus is filled with beautiful, dark wooden furniture that gives it a classic feel. You can hear a pin drop in this library, so only go if you really want to get down to business.

8. Roof of the music school

Although I cannot officially endorse this, this school has many great roofs to hop. One of these is the music school’s, with fairly easy access from the second floor. Great place to go with someone, or if you want a place to think alone.

7. Indoor bridge from UC to Bookstore area

Did you know that the UC actually connects to the other side where the bookstore is located? If you go to the second floor, you can walk across a hallway to a stairwell that exits between the bookstore and the bathrooms in the breezeway.

6. The arboretum

If you’ve never been here, you should definitely go. The arboretum is located between behind the physics building and COX, and is typically peaceful, quiet and devoid of many people.

5. Near the physics building:

Although I’m sure many STEM students know about this spot, I have a major that never necessitated I go to this particular location. Right by the physics building (this appears to be a trend) is a large area that dips into the ground with paths to walk down into it and chairs as the base. Pretty cool if you’ve never checked it out.

4. Bridge across the main pathway:

I’m sure that everybody has seen this little white bridge stretching from Merrick across the main pathway; it usually has at least one banner hanging from it. If you’ve never actually been on it, you can access it from the staircase on the left, or use it to exit Merrick.

3. The Food Court:

I recognize that everyone’s food tastes differ, so I make these suggestions from personal experience/discovery: 1) Innovation Kitchen has surprisingly good pizza, 2) You can add tofu to your salads at Fresh Fusion and 3) The Rat doesn't only offer beer, but pitchers of sangria as well. As a great plus, the food court has a few areas with outlets for every seat.

2. The Alumni Center Courtyard:

The alumni center courtyard is beautiful. Located directly behind the alumni center, it has fountains, benches and greenery that make it incredibly peaceful during the day or in the evening.

1. Dance Studios in Hecht/Music Studios in Stanford:

As a freshman, I lived in Stanford and somewhat frequently heard piano music being played from the music studios. However, I only found out about the Hecht dance studios sometime later on. These studios are hidden away behind a door on the left of Hecht’s lobby, often used by theater students. In case you ever needed a space to dance in besides the Wellness Center, Hecht offers another available space.