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How I Met Your Mother Episode 8.2 – “The Pre-nup” Recap

Last night’s episode of “How I Met Your Mother” was essentially the story of how Barney and Quinn broke up. The episode began with Older Ted explaining that the summer of 2012 was deemed the “Summer of Love” because everyone was in love. Barney and Quinn were together, Ted and Victoria were together, Robyn and Nick were together and of course Marshall and Lilly were together. Ted skips to October 2012 because he says that since they were all happy, there was nothing to talk about.

Barney and Quinn are still engaged and ready to get married but an obstacle is put in their way. Barney’s boss (played by the always exceptional Bob Odenkirk) tells Barney that if he is going to get married, he must get a pre-nup before the wedding to ensure that Quinn doesn’t take everything from Barney if they were to get divorced. This becomes the major plot of the episode. Barney begins to explain to Marshall, Ted, and Nick that the reason he wants to get a pre-nup is because there are a lot of things he does not like about Quinn that he would like to make her change before they get married. The humor lies in the fact that Barney misinterprets the purpose of a pre-nup. Instead of using it to try to change something about your fiancé, it is supposed to protect you if you were to get divorced.

This discussion prompts Ted, Marshall and Nick to think about what they don’t like about their significant others. This causes conflict that ultimately culminates in the end of the episode. Quinn creates her own pre-nup, walks into Barney’s lawyers office and presents it to him. Quinn brings with her Lilly, Robyn, and Victoria. After some time, Marshall, Nick and Ted walk into the office to back up Barney. They all stat talking about the things they don’t like about each other and this ends in a fight between each couple. After a while, they all make up and leave. Barney and Quinn are left in the office and eventually realize that if they don’t trust each other enough to not want pre-nups, then they should not get married. This proves to be the end of Barney and Quinn’s relationship. Although this is sad, we all knew it was coming. I am rather glad it came this early in the season because I am excited to see how the writers will show us the reemergence of Barney and Robyn’s relationship.

At the end of the episode, Barney tells Ted and Marshall that he is okay and that he is fine knowing that he will never trust someone enough to marry them. He finishes off his though by saying “My single life will be Legen- wait for it…” The episode then skips to “some time in the near future” in Barney’s office where Barney says “dary! My wedding will be legendary.” Robyn then walks into the office kisses Barney and they leave out the door. That is the end of the episode.

I really really enjoyed this episode, especially the ending. I think it was a way to assure us that Barney eventually ends up happy. That is what the whole audience wants undoubtedly. I have not met a single person who does not love Barney and wants him to be happy. It will be very interesting to see how Barney and Robyn fall back into love during the course of the season. 

Overall Grade: B+

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