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Halloween Costumes That Aren’t Offensive

Lots of college students love dressing up, going out and having a Halloween weekend worth remembering. Nobody wants to leave a party at the end of the night feeling like their ethnicity or religion is being used as a costume. I’m sure people want their freedom. A common argument is that they can wear what they want. One important fact to remember is that if you’re wearing an offensive costume, you are SENDING A MESSAGE.

This is regardless of your intention. This message will make not only make someone feel offended, but also targeted, sick to their stomach, emotional, angry, traumatized….you name it. It’s not just individual, you’ll be targeting entire groups of people. So, the best course of action is to educate yourself. Here’s a list of Halloween costume DON’TS before we get into the ones that are NOT offensive.

Cultural stereotypes (native American headdress, kimono, thick mustache, sombrero and poncho combo..etc)

  1. A religious figure  
  2. Black, yellow, or brown-face
  3. A Klan member
  4. Holocaust victims
  5. Domestic violence
  6. A disabled person
  7. A fat suit or anorexic suit
  8. A terrorist
  9. OJ Simpson
  10. Mental health disorders
  11. Flasher costumes
  12. A homeless person
  13. Any tragedy
  14. A trans person
  15. A Nazi
  16. A dead celebrity
  17. Animal cruelty

So, these are some of the Halloween DON’Ts, I’m sure people have thought of other things outside of this list because the world is a terrifying place.

Now for the creative non-offensive costumes!!

1) Any Disney Character 

You can dress up as any Disney character! However, if you’re painting your skin any type of color, it better be some kind of alien like Stitch and not another ethnicity!

2) Any TV show character

Let’s say you want to be Penny Proud or Louise from Bob’s Burgers. The possibilities are endless. Just don’t try to be Hanna from 13 Reasons Why, which lots of people have turned into memes nowadays.

3) College debt costume

It’s scary isn’t it? 

4) A Friendly meme 

Kermit is personally my favorite. 

5) Any onesie with a cute character or animal. 

It’s adorable, comfy and conveniently available on Amazon Prime. 

6) A social media site

I don’t know about you but I can’t stop laughing. 

7) A non-costume

I mean you gotta respect it. 

8) Any combo of food and drinks

This costume is simply adorable and honestly…I don’t see enough of these. 

9) Emojis 

Emojis make great costumes but awful movies. 

10) Quirky phrase 

This costume is difficult NOT to be impressed by. 

There’s plenty more non-offensive and creative Halloween costumes out there! So, please go out and have fun this Halloween! 

Just keep in mind what messages you’re sending when you’re picking out a costume!



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