Fun and Safe Activities for Fall 2020


It’s spooky season already, and if you love fall like me, then you are probably super excited! Because of COVID, we are a lot more limited in how we can actually enjoy fall because of social distancing measures, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t have fun! Here are just a couple things you can do to enjoy the season:


  1. 1. Halloween Movie Marathon

    Whether you prefer horror, fantasy, or comedy, there are plenty of movies that are perfect for watching with a couple of friends. The Craft, 1BR, and US are all great horror flicks, while Halloweentown, Hocus Pocus and Harry Potter are great for a lighter watch party. The presidential debates are also scary enough for anyone who dares to watch…

  2. 2.   Ghost (or regular) Photoshoot

    Two Ghosts Standing in Front of a Brick Wall

    The newest trend circulating social media is the ghost photoshoot, where people dress up as ghosts and take some pretty cool pictures in random abandoned or vintage-looking locations. This is definitely easy to do while social distancing, and you may be surprised by how good the photos turn out! Of course, if you don’t feel like cutting eye holes into your sheets, you could always opt for a traditional fall photoshoot and show off the cute new fall clothes you ordered online back in March.

  3. 3. Bake Treats

    Pumpkin Pie Whole Pie Top Down With Pumpkin

    With fall comes some great flavors, like pumpkin, candy corn, and cinnamon, so it’s a great time to try out some new fun recipes! Of course, you can always bake some Halloween-themed cookies, or better yet, decorate them yourself!


  4. 4. Get Outside

    Assuming most of you live in Miami like me, you may not see much of a change in weather during autumn, so enjoy the warmth and spend some time outside! Whether you go for a hike, have a picnic, or just read a book, enjoy the nice weather and beautiful nature that we have here!


  5. 5.   Grab a Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew


    The PSL has always been a staple seasonal drink at Starbucks, but this year, it may have been beat by the new pumpkin cream cold brew! Definitely a must-try for any coffee drinker. If you’re not a caffeine addict like the rest of us, try the caramel apple spice or a salted caramel hot chocolate instead.


  6. 6. Carve Pumpkins

    spooky jack o lantern with blue lights

    Although the pumpkin patch may be closed this year, you can still take some pumpkins home and carve them! Whether you do a carving competition, themed pumpkins, or just a traditional jack-o-lantern, this is always a fun classic fall activity that makes for adorable decorations! Happy fall everybody!